Karl (louderback) wrote,

Even without the disappointments I have a lot of appointments...

Mr. Scopes, your case is proven.
So what was all the fuss about?

         The picture above is my way of saying I've been spending a lot of time on WoW. I've accomplished little or nothing in the last few days other than to get my characters to level 30...

         To the left is my warlock Jape. He has several demons at his command and is very good at standing back at a distance hurling fire while they fight off all the bears. To the right is Faeder, a mage. He doesn't stand back as far as Jape and tends to mix it up a lot more. Still, he prefers to zing you with destructive magic from a distance.

         One day I'll create a back story for each of these and give 'em their own web page.

         I've written a very small amount in my collaborative alternative universe story with Ed. It appears below.

         My day today, and most of tomorrow will be spent running errands and keeping appointments. Today it's to be groceries, chiropractor, shrinkologist, and dentist for me. Tomorrow the entire morning will be absorbed with a diabetes class and the afternoon with physical therapy for Sis and housework for me.

The writing
The Histories
Titus Duilius Priscus

Slave of Gnaeus Vergilius Priscus
By his grandson Decimus Duilius Priscus


My grandfather Titus was born a slave of the prominent, if plebian, Roman Citizen Gnaeus Duilius Priscus. Gnaeus Duilius was wealthy by Roman standards and thus one of the wealthier men of the world. His slaves were many. His business interests were many. His avocations were few but obsessive.

His chief obsessions were History and Travel. He read incessantly of the adventures of Romans across the wide world. He read also of the Greeks, of the Egyptians, and of the history of Rome itself. It was his belief that the answer to all modern problems lay in understanding of their origins. He also believed that someone, somewhere, had already solved every problem.

Grandfather Titus was born to Marca, concubine to Gnaeus Duilius and was his son. This gave him a favored position throughout his life as Marca continued in Gnaeus Duilius' favor as long as he lived. So it was that Titus was educated, taught to read, to write, and was tutored in the philosophies and the sciences. Gnaeus Duilius favored his son not out of affection but with an ulterior motive - he was creating his own Historian.

I am Decimus Duilius Priscus, a free citizen of Rome, my freedom a legacy of my grandfather who earned his own freedom with his writings. It is time for the story behind his stories to be told.

The First Adventure

Titus wrote:

In my youth, I was dispatched to the port town of Ravenna near the Rubicon. I had but fifteen years but sufficient hubris that I called myself a man and thought myself leader of the little expedition. It was my purpose to seek out one Octavius Parmus who had lately returned from distant lands and learn from him what I might that would be of interest to my master.

My great grandmother Marca, still a slave to the house of Priscus, told me that Titus was near to insane with joy at his assignment to travel. He ran about fussing with every detail of the trip ordering other slaves about until he was near to angering the entire household. Appius, the elderly slave appointed by Gnaeus Duilius to manage the trip, at last took the eager boy aside and forcefully pointed out the he was not in charge of the trip, but merely its centerpiece. This was done so forcefully that Titus remained subdued until the departure some days later.

The expedition was a modest one. Appius, on account of his age, was given an ass to ride. Two guards of the household, Lucius and Vibius by name, rode their own horses. All the rest walked or took turns riding on the one wagon drawn by a pair of intransigent asses.

While not an impressive parade, the departure was watched with interest by the household, and by those with an interest in the business of Gnaeus Duilius. Gnaeus Duilius' doings were observed closely by any number of his business competitors. His business was extensive but tightly focused. His dozen caravans were an institution in Roma.


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