Karl (louderback) wrote,

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Harry Turtledove. IMHO the definitive writer of Alternative History.

         I hadn't realized it but I am actually quite busy lately despite my recent avowals to the contrary. Here's the list.

    General Stuff
  1. Creating Spore Creatures
  2. If you read my last post you know what this means. My goal is to create 100 creatures that I like before Spore is released. This means I'll probably have to create 500 creatures. I only keep about 20% of the ones I make (so far).
      Writing Alternative History
      I've been a fan of alternative history since I discovered "Guns of the South" by Harry Turtledove. Harry has set the standard for "What if the South/Nazis/whoever had won?" books. I have entered into a project to rewrite perhaps all of human history in conjunction with my long-time friend Ed and my newly-acquired friend Laura. Any of my other friends want to jump in here?
    1. The Roman Empire adapts and becomes a commonwealth instead of falling
    2. My initial thought of what if the Dark Ages didn't happen led me to the theory that the Roman Empire didn't fall, but became a Commonwealth of nations and continued more as a colonial empire than a military one. Ask me for details!
    3. Universal literacy becomes the rule in the 4th Century
    4. Ed came up with this one. Suppose universal literacy had become desirable/available before the fall of Rome… badda-bing badda-boom, no Dark Ages!
    5. The "Plague" happens in China and India instead of Europe and it isn't Bubonic, but AIDS or Smallpox.
    6. This is interesting. Asia becomes chronically, the most underpopulated continent, perhaps for a very long time (until there's a cure for smallpox in the 13th or 14th century (by our accelerated timeline). Hmmmm…
  3. Writing a fantasy piece about a wizard's apprentice
  4. This started out as "Why can't wizards use a sword and has grown into a "coming of age" piece of sorts. <sigh>You know how it goes</sigh>
  5. Looking for a spam blocker that works with Opera
  6. Not as easy as it sounds. I detest the idea of buying/finding a free spam blocker that runs continuously. I don't need yet another program running all the time on my already slow machine.
  7. Searching for a 4-star hotel in St. Louis with an in-room Jacuzzi
  8. Just try this online. Just try. I'm having to call hotels and I genuinely hate shopping by phone in this venue.
  9. Planning a vacation in St. Louis
    1. Finding places to shop/visit in St. Louis
    2. Looking for Z-coil shoes
    3. They're in Kirkwood. More than that I don't know. I guess it's a matter for Google Maps.
    4. Looking for v-neck t-shirts with a pocket
    5. Yes, yes, I know. But I need 2XL or 3XL. Yes, yes, I know. King Size. They had 'em. They discontinued 'em. Just try finding a T-shirt with all these requirements. <sigh>Yeesh.</sigh>
    6. Need jeans/slacks
    7. Eddie Bauer? I don't know the stores in St. Louis anymore. I don't even know the names of the malls. It's been a full 35 years since I've gone shopping there.
    8. Need button shirts
    9. I hate K-mart shirts. I hate Wal-Mart shirts. I don't want dressy stuff, just a casual shirt with buttons. I don't want to pay $50 for one either.
    10. Need women's clothes for Sis
    11. Underthings. Overthings. Sleepwear. Casual dresses. Casual Pants. Casual tops. The list does not end.
    12. Want to visit the Wax Museum, where is it?
    13. I just learned St. Louis has a Wax Museum. Who is there? Famous midwesterners? Historical Figures? Apart from Lewis and Clark what can I expect?
    14. Want to visit the Fine Arts Museum
    15. I visited this place in the '60s. I was unimpressed then. I suspect with my much wider exposure to the world of museums I will still be unimpressed. I have to give it a shot, though. This may be one of my last chances to see artwork worthy of the name before my vision gets to the point where it doesn't matter if it is a masterpiece or not, it'll look like paint-by-number.
    16. Want to visit the Science or History Museum
    17. I don't know if St. Louis has both or just one of these. I read about it somewhere and can't find it back. The History museum would doubtless be heavily Louisiana Purchase oriented with a Dash of Gateway Arch. It could still be interesting. The science museum? Oriented on grade-school expeditions as so many are?
    18. Want to visit the Botanical Gardens
    19. I remember "Shaw's Garden" from a zillion years ago (well, it was '65, so 43 years ago). I hope it has been maintained.
  10. Who will feed my doggies?
  11. I suffer a distinct lack of friends and neighbors on whom I can rely for this. <hmmm>Ponders</hmmm>

         Wow! Once I got started I just couldn't stop. OK. Actually I could. I have a buncha things to add to that list, but they are stuff you don't care about. Trust me on this one. Still, that was lotsa stuff.

         I need to budget time for fun.


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