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Diabetes Alert!

          A picture of the gastrointestinal tract explaining diabetes
My sister has joined the club.

         Yesterday the Doctor Horney told my sis that she was diabetic. Actually, he told her to go outside where I was waiting and tell me she hated me (long story). She is actually in pre-diabetic compensation (my own phrase). Her blood sugars are normal, between 4.4(80) and 6.6(120), but are being kept so not by normal insulin production but by production 12 times normal. This means she is an insulin-resistant diabetic (like me). She is on metformin and will have to make some diet changes, but it is not going to be too bad.

         Except it is always bad. Your body is your friend for 40 or 50 years, hangs around with your other good buddy Food and that old pal Soda Pop and suddenly they turn on you. All three of them just up and decide they're not your friend anymore. Your body just kicks back and doesn't do its job. Food gives you the cold shoulder at every opportunity. Soda Pop! That bastard is so bad to you you have to cut him out of your life. You can hang with his brother Diet Soda, but it is kinda like giving up President Carter to hang with his brother Billy.

         Of course, she's going to be bummed. I just hope I can help her deal.

         For myself, I am in major procrastination mode. Everything I can delay, and some things I really can't, just aren't happening. I've been "sleeping" if you can call it that 14 hours a day. It is pleasant enough, I think I am experiencing hypnagogic sleep minus the sleep paralysis that everyone seems to associate with it.

         My own diabetes is under poor control these days, constantly between 8.3 (150) and 12.2 (220). My diet is largely to blame. I am not eating the wrong things (although I can't claim perfection in this area) but I am eating entirely too much. I find it very hard to be hungry. That is going to be a problem for both me and Sis.

         Exercise will help both of us. I don't know how to accomplish it, but it has to be done. I will find something here at home that I can do for 10-15 minutes at a time (to minimize the boredom factor) three or four times each day. I hope that will get my metabolism and hers ramping up a bit.

         I'll probably write more later today on other subjects.

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