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Beware: whining and bitching follows!

I need some alone time

         <whine>I've a miserable cold. To add to that special misery, I had a particularly painful seizure Sunday last that I could not get addressed by my Chiropractor, Dr. Turnpike, until Tuesday. To heap upon this, my schedule over the holiday weekend and immediately afterward was unspeakably busy. I found myself running errands that could not be put off. I visited my Dr. Turnpike, Dr. Biller, and some anonymous technician who performed a bone density scan on a table designed by Tomás de Torquemada. Then I wound up having to lug about a 40 lb. bag of dog food or face being eaten by hostile canines when I got home. This is not an ideal activity when your back is out. This is a less than ideal activity even after your back has been adjusted by your Chiropractor. Add to this the fact that I had to do grocery (and other) shopping because Sis's physical therapy is debilitating. Shopping borders on traumatic for me (We hatez it to piecez!). </whine>

         The shopping phenomenon depresses me at times. I do well at home and in my doctors' offices because the environments are friendly and utterly familiar. When I get outside my comfort zone things to go pieces, largely because I am so rarely outside that zone. I don't enjoy being there (does anyone?) and failing to venture there is circumscribing my activities more and more. I feel I'll likely wind up an agoraphobic as are so many people who are blind. Of course, the fact that practically the only place to shop in this town is a Wal-mart only makes things worse.

         My sympathy muscles are overworked this week too. ringbark's son Christopher is suffering with ALL. Christopher and the family seem to bear up well, but I don't know how much of that is that famed "stiff upper lip". I know from ringbark's writings and such that he is a man of faith. It is my most sincere hope that it sustains him and his loved ones through what must certainly be a great ordeal. I want badly to travel to California where one of my sons is going through his significant other's third (third!) miscarriage. What kind of a doctor does this woman have who hasn't done a hysterectomy? Each has been devastating to the both of them and as I remember Max as one of the "sensitive" boys I know they are both agonizing. I spoke to him by phone for the first time in over 5 years (usually it is just e-mail) and was shocked at how emotional he was. Then there is beanrua who seems to be disintegrating slowly into a puddle of agonized goo from her fibromyalgia and assorted ill-prescribed medications. My good thoughts, well wishes, sympathies, empathies, and prayers to all of you. I forget sometimes how lucky I am.

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