Karl (louderback) wrote,

a waste

Midnight is never what it is cracked up to be

         Midnight is supposed to be such a mystical, magical time. Of late, when I am up at midnight, it is far from it. I am falling back into my habit of sleeping in four hour stretches.

         There is nothing on my agenda today. I find that oddly pleasant. I think this the first completely unstructured day I've had in a couple of weeks. It is not that I'm all that busy, but I seem to spend my time always doing nothing very busily.

         I read today that "correlation does not imply causality". Well duh. They pointed out that while the number of witches burned has decreased the temperature of the earth has increased. According to the article, this does not imply that we could reverse global warming by burning witches. On the other hand, how do we know?

         I've spent my afternoon watching SciFi Channel's made-for-tv-movies. I've seen The Hive and Fire Serpent neither of which I recommend. I am oddly pleased with both movies, however. I am glad SciFi is keeping alive the tradition of B-movie Science Fiction. Conversely, these are B movies. *sigh*

         Fire Serpent had three actors I immediately recognized. Nicholas Brendan (with top billing) is Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Robert Beltran was the first officer on the Star Trek: Voyagershow. Randolph Mantooth has been around forever but first came to my attention in Emergency!. All these guys starred a while ago, '97, '95, and '72 respectively. I am way too old.

         I watched about half of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to get the B-movie taste out of my mouth and realized that it was as "B" as the others I'd watched today. No matter. I like League. I think the odd agglomeration of characters is its greatest appeal for me.

         I keep trying, have tried all day, to come up with something of interest. I give up. Bye Now.


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