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My choice this November.

         Wondered why I haven't been bitching about the election up to my usual standard?
         I get no shtick from campaign
         McCain folderol doesn't thrill me at all!
         Obama and Clinton still feud
         But I get no shtick from those two!
*hangs head in shame*


         I've been un-busy in the extreme while still somehow managing to take up all my free time with time-wasting activities. Have been to the doc, the chiro, the grocery, and Lowes. Accomplished next to nothing at any of those. I bought some weed&feed-esque substance and flung it all over my lawn yesterday just in time for the rain today. With any luck the ratio of grass to weeds and bare dirt will change for the better soon.

AntHanoverian Horse

         Hired a man to commit insecticide this week. He sprayed for ants and similar nasties. He found what the last three people who tried to solve the ant problem could not, the point at which the ants are entering my kitchen. At his behest, I'll give it a few weeks for the poison to kill the entire colony before plugging the entrances. Ants are particularly troublesome for me as I can't see them until they get big as horses (see pictures).

         I'm listening to the 50s radio station. Usually not a good thing for me. I tend to get nostalgic for the "good ol' times" I never actually had to get nostalgic about. Is that weird? It is like listening to Meat Loaf... you pine for a lifestyle that never existed.

         Writing is going well and poorly. Well in the sense that I am writing, poorly in the sense that I am not working on my Writo de Mayo novel. I have abandoned my pirate story. As so often happens when writing a "novel" I find myself giving up on as soon as I have detailed the entire story. Once I know all the parts, the middle, beginning, and end, I lose interest. Perhaps I just need to write all my novels stream of consciousness and not plan anything. I have to wonder if any actual writers do that?


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