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Back at last! Back at las! Good gawd in Heaven I'm back at last!

Iron Man
I thought my movie-going days were over, but I saw Iron Man today. I was well pleased. I am no fan of Robert Downey Jr. but honestly have no criticism of his portrayal of Tony Stark. I tend to think of a younger Downey and that actor would not have suited me. This Downey is older, a bit raddled, and perhaps, seasoned by his personal experience. On the whole the casting was unexpected and unexpectedly good. Bridges as Obadiah Stain was a surprise to me. I don't think of Bridges in the villain role. He did quite well. The movie's effects were good and the story and plot worked for me. I guess if I just have to find something about which to complain it would be the song Iron Man… they didn't use the fucking thing! Oh sure, a few bars of it in the closing credits, but if they had the rights to the song, why didn't it show up in some of the action sequences? It would have been perfect to hear that Ba- ba- ba ba ba- baba baba baba ba ba ba ba-! at the beginning of the village rescue sequence. I was looking for it when the prototype came out of the cave silhouetted against the entrance. I kept waiting. It was a classic "step that wasn't there" situation. When they finally played it in the credits it just left me pissed-off.
Health Troubles
Caff, Caff… I been sick Hakk, kachew! Well, I have. I realize it is a pathetic excuse for not journaling. But it's certainly a convenient one. I've been using it a lot lately to get out of all sorts of things.

I honestly have been making a nuisance of myself to any number of doctors lately. I've had a bizarre nerve problem in my legs. I have sharp burning pain in the region of my great toe on both feet. On my left leg, I have a burning, tingling pain I'd liken to sciatica if it were on the back of the leg. With the help of beanrua I self-diagnosed as a bursal sac inflammation. My Doctor bought it and gave me a cortisone shot in the hip to reduce inflammation. It didn't work. Interestingly enough, it has cured my arthritis for the last week or so, no knee or (right) hip pain at all. It just didn't address the problem in my left leg. I now theorize a lower back (compressed disk?) problem of some sort. If I can't get some relief soon I'm going to put in for an amputation or some such. My leg jumps and twitches almost all the time now. I can control it to walk or stand if I have to, but not for more than a couple of minutes. The twinges of pain are significant. I am having considerable trouble sleeping too, but more about that later.

Blood sugars have been killing me lately. For weeks I was in the 300(16.5)-400(22) when it should be around 100(5.5). I got things somewhat under control by increasing my insulin from 35 to 50 units and taking it in the morning instead of the evening, and by increasing my metformin from 500mg twice a day to 1000mg twice a day. It's not so bad, but the 50mg shot is more uncomfortable (I can't say it is painful, but poking a hole in me and squirting into it 50mg of fluid isn't painless either). I've gone back to the 250(13.5) or so in the last week, but can't seem to pull it down any lower. <grump>My eating habits haven't been appalling but I need to do better.</grump>
The New Mattress
O Woe is me! Damn it! I really thought a new mattress would help me sleep better. I bought one of those matched spring over/under blahdey-blah-de-blah premium quality pay-through-the-nose not too hard with a pillow top and prostate-massaging extension payments. It hasn't helped. It's still too hard for me. It's hot, and the damned thing is too high off the ground. I'm going to have to take it off the bed frame and put it on the ground. Now I'm 6'0" tall and shouldn't have this problem, but I sit on the edge of my bed with my feet dangling. It's too high! <sigh>I shoulda knowed it wouldn't be easy as getting a new bed…</sigh>
Computer Woes
I'm simply having to accept that my computer is now fully behind the curve technologically. 1gb of memory, Pentium 4 at 3.2ghz just isn't top of the line anymore. It is becoming too little to run the online games I like (City of Villains, World of Warcraft) and simply is to little to handle things like Pirates of the Burning Seas. I could perhaps upgrade my NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 video card, but it would be a temporary extension of a bad situation. I'm hoping that before summer is out I can simply trash this machine and buy a Mac. I should be able to move the drives (2x250g) to the Mac. I may have to lose the data on 'em or back up very selectively and try to restore from DVD in some fashion, but I should at least have the drive space. <sigh>I am badly in need of advice on the subject of the Mac. From what I can see I don't think I'll be happy with anything less than a Mac Pro but I'd like to hear from some of you out there that have Macs as to what you think I might be able to get along with.</sigh>
New Day Friday the 16th of May 2008
Another Movie
I have broken with tradition twice in the same week! My Sis and I went to see Speed Racer today. Sis grew up with the cartoon and remembers it fondly. It was her (and many others') first experience with what was called Japanimation in those days. It is now called Anime. I've also heard various genres of anime called manga, hentai, and otaku. I prefer the more generic term.

In any event, Sis wanted to see the movie more than I did. I'm glad now that I went. Less enamoured of the original than she I still got caught up in the movie. They succeeded in keeping the kitsch, the vivid-colored look, and the barely plotted storylines intact. All the gimmicks and inside jokes were there. Spridle and Chim-Chim in the trunk, Trixie in the helicopter shouting "look out", Trixie impersonating a driver, Speed jumping out of the Mach 5 doing the bent arm thing (see the picture), they were all there. The characters were well cast. I say that with a sense of awe as I was suffering horripilations at the thought of Christina Ricci as Trixie. She did a good job. I have no idea who Emile Hirsch is or will turn out to be, but he did fine as Speed. John Goodman and Susan Sarandon turned in good performances as was (and should be) expected from such talented folk.

I think that most people won't like this movie. It certainly is getting lame reviews. If you watched Speed Racer anime with any attention you will likely enjoy the movie. Few persons under about 40 watched the cartoons back in the days when they were re-run endlessly. Most under 40 have seen only the recent run of Speed Racer on MTV which didn't show all of the cartoons and didn't repeat many.

I can't bring myself to recommend this to most people I know, but if you know Speed Racer, it's a must see.
Sunday last, trees already weakened by an ice storm earlier in the year were subjected to 40-50mph winds and broke unanimously enough to cause a power outage in my neighborhood. It happened around 2am and ended around 7:30 that evening. That was pain enough for me, but the telephone and internet were both out even after the power came back. The phone resumed Monday, but so filled with static as to be almost useless. My DSL resumed Tuesday but was so slow as to be unusable in any practical sense. I was seeing load times for pages in excess of 40 minutes. Many irritating phone calls later my phone and DSL were repaired by the same serviceman (Praise to you Mr. Hawkes!) today just before noon.

By way of celebration I went with Vman and my Sis to El Tolteca for Mexican food. This was followed by a movie, a quick run through the grocery and the gas station. I am home. Typing. The world is set aright once more.

While suffering from lack of phone (that means sattelite TV too) and internet I morphed into a rather sticky, gelatinous ooze with only one brain cell. I spent 5 (FIVE! FIVE! FIVE! Damn you Embarq!) days crawling the walls and ceiling until I discovered I like hanging upside down from the underside of the basement stairs. It's not intellectually challenging or anything, but it is something to do.

No poetry, no freewriting, no nuthin'! Maybe tomorrow…
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