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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Movie Reviews
nanowrimo 2010

Tell it like it is, Rog!         

         I have just finished watching No Country for Old Men, winner of 4 Oscars plus 79 awards and 29 nominations by various other groups. My long-held contention that Hollywood (or at least that part of it that hands out awards) has taken it's already-divorced-from-reality mind to a new level of dissociation is confirmed.

         This was a bad movie. I didn't hate it. It is not a walker-outer or anything, but it is one of those. It had no story that needed to be told. It had a cinematographic style that convinces me the cinematographer is probably a renowned still photographer (in other words I give him an "A" for composition) who needs experience in the medium of "moving pictures". I can't believe that anyone got a "Best Supporting" for this movie because nobody supported anything.

         The mainline story, what there was of it, was a tangle of poorly-connected vignettes. Oh yeah, linear vignettes equals "style" someone must have noticed it and decided that any noticeable style is better than the typical cookie-cutter stuff and was therefore good. The backstory… oh yeah, there wasn't one. The subplot was actually better than the main story or the plot itself. At least in the subplot, Tommy Lee Jones carried off some character development and had the sort of articulate role at which he excels.

         Characterization in the movie was lacking bordering on absent. The characters were developed by someone with an affinity for paper dolls and a bad case of OCD. Well, that is probably not fair, but everyone that got a close-up was stereotypical to the point of predictability. There were flaws in the story and action sequences that I found jarring.

         Don't take the time to see this. I give it 1 star out of 5.

         Yesterday I watched Stargate: the Ark of Truth. If you know me at all, you know I'm a big fan of the Stargate series. I liked this movie, but it disappointed me a little too. Quality-wise it was about as good as one of the series typical multi-part episodes. The series finale deserved better.

         The story was a good one, but I get the feeling that the writers just wanted to get it over with. As usual, the acting made the adventure for me. I'm a fan of all the regulars on Stargate and was not disappointed this time. I've been amazed that Ben Browder won me over after the departure of Richard Dean Anderson. He did so, almost against my will. I wanted to be loyal to Jack O'Neil. I think previous exposure to Farscape may have contributed heavily. I think also, his associate from Farscape, Claudia Black was a part of the process.

         The other actors whose characters all fit my major criteria for claiming that a show is a "favorite" did not disappoint in any way. Those criteria, by the way, are that, knowing both the actor and the character's name, I call them by the character name and can talk about that character as though I know them personally.

         This movie tied up loose ends neatly. I felt "happy" for the characters when it was all over and was willing to say goodbye. It gave me the closure the ending episodes of the series did not.

         This is worth it to Stargate fans. I give it 3 stars out of 5.


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If I wasn't already on Blockbuster online, then I'd come Netflix with you.

The only reason I Blockbuster is because I can turn in a movie at the store and get one local rental free. But they don't have that much I want to watch. I am more than a little annoyed at their selection. For example, I've been waiting for them to get The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes for months and months, and it is still in Coming Soon status, even though it is from 2005. There are also Long Wait and Very Long Wait for some of the stuff I really want to see, like Patlabor: The Movie (anime), Henry Rollins: Live in the Conversation Pit and Fire. But they are sending me Kurosawa films, and that's a good thing.

Currently, I have 444 films in my Blockbuster queue. Wow.

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