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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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My dreams have celebrity cameos!
nanowrimo 2010

My dreams have celebrity guest stars…         

         I woke this morning at the usual 1:30 and had a typical breakfast (English muffin with sausage and egg). Within an hour I was in bed again for a "nap". A full 5 hours later… you get the idea. While "napping", I dreamed.

         I was out-of-doors. It was full dark and I was sitting on a stump of some sort with a very small campfire at my feet. By at my feet I mean extremely close to my toes; sitting there my feet were almost in the burn range of the fire. It was a small fire, though, and not very hot. Across from me sat Dean Winchester. He was more leaning than sitting on a fallen tree trunk so large that he couldn't really sit atop it comfortably. He was staring rather intently to his right in the direction of his brother, Sam Winchester. Sam was standing a few feet away reading a book held in his left hand shining a flashlight in his right on the tattered pages. After a moment, Sam turned to Dean and said "What?"

         "Uh… nothing". Dean continued to stare.

         Sam asked, "What!" and got "Nothing!" in reply.

         "Are you staring at my ass?"


         "And yet your eyes don't move. Is something wrong?" Here Sam twisted slightly and tried to look at his own behind.

         "Just stand still and read your book."

         "While you stare at my ass?" Sam twisted his hips a couple of times and asked, "Do you like my ass? Is something wrong with my ass?"

         "Just read your book and don't be so insecure. As asses go yours is OK. Stop moving it around and leave me alone. I have no interest in your ass."

         "And still you stare."

         "Since you can't leave it alone, your ass is blocking my view of the mountain lion."

         "Uh, you're saying there is a mountain lion behind my ass?"

         "Precisely. It would be better if you were to just read and stop wiggling your ass so as to obstruct my view."

         "Instead of staring down the mountain lion, you might consider shooting it."

         "Sam, I don't want to waste a shot from the Colt on it."

         "Waste? Well then, use a different gun."

         "The Colt is at my feet and it is the only gun in camp closer than the car."

         I put in my two cents worth, "I think mountain lions are an endangered species." That got me a glare from both of them.

         "Sam, I'm going to slowly reach down for the Colt while watching the mountain lion. If I move slowly it probably won't get upset. If I see it move, I'll yell and you run."

         I reached down with a tin cup scooped a bunch of ashes and coals out of the fire and flung cup and all past Sam toward the mountain lion. The animal grunted loudly and bounced away into the brush. We could hear it running for a while.

         Sam looked at me and said "You trying to start a fire?"

         "What? I just saved your ass!"

         Dean said "Don't get him started on that again." And that was the end of the dream.

         Some psychologist somewhere is going to have a ball with this one. This is my second recent dream to have a "celebrity guest star", the last one had characters from Eureka, Angel, and Level 9. I wonder if there are intellectual property rights involved some way? After the writer's strike, discussion of intellectual property borders on the mystical.

         No recipe, no poem (though I think I feel a slew of them coming on), and no freewriting today.