Karl (louderback) wrote,

Dream of prison

A "typical" railroad apartment         

         In my dream the night before last I was a prisoner of some sort. I was held on a military base. For some reason I think Air Force, but I don't remember actually seeing any uniforms distinctive enough to tell. I spent most of my time in my apartment. There was always at least one man there in civilian dress who was fairly unobtrusively in my presence at all times. Sometimes there were as many as three men there. The apartment was a bit like the drawing above, but much more open.

         Just inside the (guarded) front door was a sort of sitting room. Behind it was a room that looked like a high school science lab, counter tops rather higher than kitchen counters and looking like black formica. Past that was a kitchen with a small dinette table big enough only for two. There were no walls in the whole place. It was just a large, narrow rectangle in which you could see from end to end. Beyond the kitchen was a bathroom. On one side was a toilet and the closest thing to a wall in the apartment. There was a tissue-paper sort of folding screen. You could see easily through it to see if someone was on the other side, though you might not see that person clearly. Opposite this was a shower with three glass walls. Steam might obscure you while showering, but nothing else. Beyond all this was a bedroom that contained nothing but a bed and a rolling rack for hanging clothes.

         I spent almost all my time in the sitting room. It had a "library" sort of flavor to it. On one occasion I went to the front door and just walked out. Nobody tried to stop me. The uniformed soldiers outside the door, however, followed me with their rifles at the ready. I am not sure of the significance of that as that is as easy a way to carry a rifle as any. The man guarding me from inside also followed. I walked around, but saw nothing really distinctive, just military-looking brick buildings.

         My dream ended while I was walking toward the bedroom from the sitting room.

         I've been feeling bad again. I over-ate today and am paying the price. Tomorrow will have to be better.

         The new bed is working out reasonably. I am not sleeping longer or anything, but I am indisputably sleeping more deeply.

         Finances this month are in the toilet. I had to come up with house insurance, car insurance, and personal property taxes all in January. Needless to say, February was very tight and March will be only a little better.

         No poem today, no recipes, and no freewriting; I haven't been in the mood.


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