Karl (louderback) wrote,

mattress, skype and not much doing

         I've been totally out of it since my last post on the 25th and I'm way behind on my poem-a-day challenge, having posted my last on the 21st. I'll catch up on the poems, though technically I've failed my challenge as I intended to actually do one each day.

         I've been semi-ill and completely exhausted for a while. I am feeling a bit better, but it has pushed my blood sugars into the 22-23 (396-414) range. I always feel miserable when my sugars are so high and my sugars are always so high when I feel miserable. What to do?

         I have acquired, as of last night, a new bed. I hope this will help me in a variety of ways. I know I will sleep at least a bit better. I'm hoping that I will toss and turn much less. If this is true I may be able to actually use the c-pap machine I've owned for 2 years now. Now, I tend to wake myself flipping over and dragging the tube across the bed, even dragging the machine off the night stand. If I don't turn as much, I may do better.

         I dreamt last night of being in prison. I'll share the details another time. I'm just too tired to fool with it right now.

         My son called today and persuaded me to download and install skype. I am available from 2am to 8pm central time (US) most days. Feel free to give "karlthehun" a free call.

         I'm done for now, maybe I'll write more later.


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