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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Taxes and death by chili
nanowrimo 2010

Another dream         

         I spent ages in my dream trudging toward a volcanic eruption that looked very similar to the one in this image. I don't know why I was going there; I didn't seem to want to. I just know it went on and on and I never got there.

         I've been cooking today, though what I'm doing barely qualifies as cooking. Crock Pot (or as this household calls it "crackpot") Chili is so easy that it mostly involves stirring. I put a frozen stick of chili into the Crock Pot. I follow this with 3 cans each of hunts tomato sauce and bush's best dark red kidney beans. Crumble 1 pound of hamburger into the mix, add chili powder and or onions to taste and you're done. This was my Dad's recipe and it used to be wonderful. Unfortunately, Sara Lee stopped making the R. B. Rice's chili stick he used and it has never been the same since.

         It's funny. I'm definitely not bipolar in any conventional sense, but I do seem to get manic episodes. At least when I get the urge to cook I am unstoppable. I some time endure a cleaning frenzy too, though of late it has been rather futile due to my vision.

         Taxes for 2007 are done. A friend of mine is the H&R Block guy in California, Missouri. He knows his stuff and I am most pleased with his efforts. I never have to file, but usually do because I qualify for some refund or other. Last year, I paid $5 to get the $30 telephone tax thingie. Hardly worth it. This year, he found me over $200 in state taxes. Woo and likewise Hoo! Definitely worth it. By filing this year, I may also qualify for Bush's tax economic incentive thingie. If I don't, well, at least I filed. I was hoping that buying the prius would get me something, but, alas, it only applies to 2006 and before. As usual, I get on the bandwagon and they stop playing.

         In any event, if you local types feel like making the trek to California, ask for Justin.

         I have added to my list of "collected" poets, poems by others that I like: The Minstrel Boy and Brain Stem. I confess I have diverse tastes… every one says "Dee more yuu see ovf hit dee verse it gets!"

         Recipes added today: Tangy Burger Sauce, Burger Italiano.

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Wish there was a transporter, so you could beam me over some chili.

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