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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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dreaming again
nanowrimo 2010

Another "utopian" dream

         I had another of those "naked" dreams last night. I was watching a bucolic, very park-like landscape. Several people were moving about doing nothing in particular. All were nude. None of them paid me any attention. Eventually a man with long dark hair who seemed in his 20's - 30's began walking toward. Another who looked like a mid-teenager did the same. Before they reached me I woke up.

         I've dreamed of this place and these people before. In this big park-like place is an enormous structure that seems fully integrated with the outdoors. The floors are mostly grass, there are no windows and relatively few walls, just openings to the outdoors. I recall water running through the structure somewhere. Perhaps an idealization of some utopian desire on my part?

         BTW; the Hodges Home pictured above is an experiment in creating an efficient solar house from about thirty years ago. It vaguely resembles my dream