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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Grocery bags
nanowrimo 2010


         OK, I've been ranting a bit. I don't mind, and you know how not to read this journal. I have to shout once in a while, what kind of anorchous ascian would I be if I didn't?

         I went to the grocery today and was mildly annoyed. So I'd might as well rant, not? We've been using canvas grocery bags for a while. It is a trend that is simply going to be an eventual inevitability.

         Some time ago, after I asked a few times, my local Schnuck's began selling bags with their name on 'em. OK. $6 is a bit expensive, but it's all in a good cause. Never mind I can make one for about 50¢ — even with my vision.

         Well, about a year ago, the local Gerbes Market began selling bags. $1 this time, much more reasonable. They also give you a 5¢ rebate for using the bags. Well, at 12 bags to hold my groceries and 2 trips a months, that's ((5¢*12bags)*2trips)*12month = $14.40. $14.40-$12 means I'm ahead $2.40 in only 1 year. Of course, It'll take a while to pay off the $72 of Schnuck's bags.

         I find it interesting that Gerbes won't give me the nickel if I use Schnuck's bags or my own. Schnuck's doesn't give me a nickel even if I use their bags.

         Wouldn't it be nice if offering canvas bags was more than an advertising campaign, an attempt at branding, and another profit vector for a big corporation? Wouldn't it be nice to get 5¢ back no matter whose bags I used, even my own? Wouldn't it be nice to pretend that the bags were being offered to improve the environment; to reduce petroleum consumption; to stop stuffing landfills with plastic bags?

         Of course, that would be an illusion. No big corporation wants anything out of grocery bags but an opportunity to tie you to their store and to give you a pittance to keep your business. This allows them to claim a halo because their marginally profitable, heavily branded, incentive-laden product is "green" or "good for the environment."

         Those bastards!

         Recipes added today: Chicken Broccoli Casserole, Ham & Noodle Ranch Salad, Garlic Potato Soup

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I'm totally down with ya. Rude.

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