Karl (louderback) wrote,

Cafe au Lait day!

Janet and Rocky from The Rocky Horror Picture Shows 'Creature of the Night' number
My first day as a creature of the night

         Grotesque spined predator dining on a hapless living pig-like creatureI more closely resemble the creature of the night at right than the one above, but c'est la vie. What I'm trying to tell you is that Sis started her new shift today. Since I choose to match her schedule I'll be getting up at 1:30 most days. She gets home at 11:00. I don't know what bed time will be for either of us. She rarely sleeps more than 6 hours, and I sleep less, so it will just have to play itself out. I think that having the afternoon free will encourage a lot more activity than the current situation. Sis keeps threatening to drag me to exercise classes of some sort.

         I have read as much as I could of divided sleep in recent months. I may attempt this pattern. It seems natural to me, as I often sleep 4 hours or less then crave a nap at a later time. I always forego this nap to encourage sleeping 8 hours at a later time. I don't know why. It's not like its a rule or something and… I'm too old for rules anyway.

Pie chart showing day divided into first sleep (5 hours) first waking (7 hours) second sleep (3 hours) and second waking (9 hours)         At the moment I'm going to try for the standard 8-hour pattern of sleep between somewhere between 17:30 and 1:30. I hope to modify that so that I sleep about 5 hours between 20:30 and 1:30 then 3 or 4 hours starting around 8:00. I have gone so far as to make a chart. I think this betrays the fact that I am savagely bored and clearly indicates that all these links and images are making my journal look like an edition of National Geographic.

         I watched two movies today. I suppose that's cat-waxing of a sort. One was coincidental in the extreme. In yesterday's entry I mentioned My Favorite Year. It was broadcast at about 4 o'clock this morning. There are so many good quotes from that movie. I love the scene where the lead performer discovers that he is not doing takes on a movie lot, but performing live before an audience for a live broadcast television show. In a panic, he shouts, "…I'm not an actor! I'm a movie star!". That is a distinction that should be drawn. Maybe those who perform on stage or before a live audience should be called thespians while all who perform only for a camera could remain actors. There should be some distinction drawn. The other movie is one of which I've never heard. The Four Feathers has evidently been made into a film at least 5 times since 1915. It is based on a 1902 novel. Very much in the "sand and saddles" tradition, I find the Heath Ledger version to be a bit slow but pretty to look at. I suppose this has surfaced now due to Heath's demise (I'm still broken-hearted, I had such hopes for him as an actor). I don't know if it did well when first released.

         I'm still feeling bad. I walk in stench throughout the night. Lord Byron would doubtless enjoy my paraphrase. Whatever I ate is passing out of my system slowly and taking my illness with it. It seems however determined to torment me with it's mephitic, malodorous, and abiding ubiquity.

         It looks like I'm going to have to find a new physician. I really hate that. Dr. M. was a great guy. I am unable to find out exactly what happened, but it appears that he went in for a biopsy and stayed for a procedure. I don't know if he'll be back ever, but his office remains closed. I don't even know where to call to find out…

         Today, somehow, is Café au Lait Day.

         Recipes added today: Chicken Italiano (Slow Cooker)


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