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Mish-mash and some progress on recipes

Rock'n'roll anarchy skull
I love that old time rock & roll…

         Just receive in the mail an mp3 from Kid Rock's latest album Rock N Roll Jesus. The track was So Hott. This is a departure from Kid Rock's usual rap-heavy albums. I find that I can actually listen to it, therefore. I have never come to terms with rap. I despair of doing so at this point. I'm starting to sound like that grumpy old shit that used to complain about my Rock'n'roll back in the early 60's. It's loud! It doesn't make any sense! How can you even understand what he's singing! How can you listen to that crap! Note the lack of question marks… <sigh>I guess we all get old.</sigh>

         I am feeling a bit better today. Better is a relative term. Imagine a python who has swallowed a water buffalo that refuses to digest and just rots instead. I don't feel quite that bad.

         That naturally makes me think of food. The inundation of recipes should slow a bit in the next few days. I am down from a full 100 saved recipes to just over 50. That is a good effort for just a few days. I haven't added all 50 recipes to the site, mind you. Some recipes have been deleted because I saved them, tried them, and found them nasty. I wish now I had kept a catalogue of things not to be eaten.

         I am reminded of Steve Wallace, grower extraordinaire of habañero peppers. He often brought various dishes prepared with habañero peppers; habañero relish; habañero jelly; habañero whatever… Avoid the habañero relish. We often accused Steve of writing a cookbook titled "Foods that Hurt". Steve used to bring to work a variety of dishes for our sampling pleasure. Some of the were pleasantly "tangy", other dishes would allow persons in the same room to tan.

         Now, about the relish…. Steve brought everyone (well, about six of us) a pint jar of relish. Sensibly, I waited to get home and alert the bomb squad before I opened mine. Dave opened his, dabbed a finger in it, tasted, wiped his tear filled eyes, and screamed. Wiping habañero juice in your eye is a really bad idea. One of the contractors favored with a jar opened his, dipped in two fingers and proceeded to eat the entire jar like it was poi. An hour or so later he went to the bathroom Quite appropriately, it seems to me, after a jar of habañero relish.

People Dissolving in Liquid

         He never came back. I mean, never. We never saw him again. Theories vary. He may have regarded the relish as an assassination attempt and have vanished in self-protection. He might have simply gotten fed up with working for the company and resigned by leaving. Not an unheard of occurrence among contractors in the programming field, especially if offered a new job. My theory is that he sat down to take a shit and dissolved.

         Oh well. I guess that's it for now. It is nearly Noon and I'm going to spend the rest of the day working on poems.

         Recipes added today: Turkey Pot Pie, Venison Sloppy Joes (Slow Cooker), Tamale Casserole, and Pork Loin with Guava Glaze


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