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         My day has been like that. Futile, that is.

         I dreamt last night of my aunt. She led me to various homes in which she had lived and told me things like, "That was a nice place," "That place wasn't very good." We got to the last home, one that was under construction and she told me "I guess I'll never live there." That is drearily prophetic. I'm not ready to let her go yet.

         A newspaper article said that "Moonlight" will probably not be back now that the writer's strike is ending. *sigh* It was one of the few new shows that I thought held some promise. I am currently following a number of series, too many, I guess. Having said that I am now intrigued. Here's the list. "Re-run" means I realize this show is no longer in production but I still watch selectively for favorite episodes or episodes I missed. "New to me" means that the show is no longer in production but I never watched it until now.

Re-run. A vampire with a soul. David Boreanaz plays Angel and he is on my list of underappreciated actors.
Angel is in it! A new show that I'm sorta kinda moderately into. I like Zack Addy played by Eric Millegan. Eric is on my list of underappreciated actors.
Blood Ties
OK, I'm a sucker for a series with a vampire in it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Re-run. See: "blood ties" New to me. I have a whole rant about this. When this show was new I asked people what it is about. I got, "Buffy the Vampire slayer! Buffy's HOT!" Uh, that's the whole thing? She kills vampires? "Buffy's HOT!" Is it a straight goth thing? Horror? What? "Buffy's HOT!" So I didn't bother. Nobody told me it was funny! Nobody mentioned that it was well written. Nobody mentioned that it had interesting characters. Nobody mentioned that some of the characters could actually act. So, "new to me."
Burn Notice
Has Jeffrey Donovan in it, another on my list of underappreciated actors.
New. Broad comedy. I don't think it will last. I don't think my interest will last long enough for it to be canceled.
The Closer
I love this one. Kyra Sedgwick is great. I enjoy G.W. Bailey in this too.
Cold Case
New to me.
Criminal Minds
I liked it better when Mandy Patankin was around. He's on that list of underappreciated actors. I also have hopes for Matthew Gray Gubler. My Sis watches to look at Shemar Moore. Hubba hubba?
I've been a fan of William Petersen since "To Live and Die in L.A." and "Manhunter."
Gary Sinise rules. The rest of the cast is great. I like Carmine Giovinazzo's character a lot.
A serial killer who only kills bad guys? How can he not be my hero?
Doctor Who
This is my Sis's favorite. I liked the Doctor from the first season better than this one. I don't like the current companion.
Dresden Files
Re-runs. Paul Blackthorne is great in this show. It is a damned shame it is done. I wish I could read. I would run out and get the books.
Eli Stone
New. I like the show, though I suspect it is just a one or two season novelty. Jonny Lee Miller is very good. I am disappointed that I have not noticed him before now. I'm going back through the magic of Netflix to find things he has done.
New. Another of my Sis's shows. She's into Colin Ferguson who I also think is a good actor. I like the concept of the show. I notice that Ed Quinn and Matt Frewer are here too. I remember Matt from "Max Headroom" days.
Ghost Hunters
My Sis's show mostly, though I enjoy it somewhat. The original is better than the "Ghost Hunters International" spin-off. I wish they were a bit more "scientific" in their investigations and a bit more stringent in drawing their conclusions.
Ghost Whisperer
New. The secondary characters are the ones I recognize in this one. I know who Jennifer Love Hewitt is, but this is the only time I've ever seen her on screen. David Conrad, Camryn Mannheim, and Jay Mohr are people I recognize from elsewhere and liked at one time or another. I have been aware of Camryn for years, since "Bonfire of the Vanities" and a few episodes of "Law & Order."
New. Sci-fi channel at it's best. I am fond of some of the characters, but most leave me uninterested. The story is great, though. Masi Oka is great. I will be interested to see Sylar - Zachary Quinto - as Spock. I also find Milo Ventimiglia interesting. I caught him in an old L&O episode and thought, "He bears watching." Turns out he does. Greg Grunberg - Parkman - is on my list of underappreciated actors. He's actually done a lot of good work.
New. What can I say. Everybody loves House.
Knight Rider
New. I haven't actually seen any episodes, but they're set to record. I hated. Hated. I mean really hated the original. This one will be great or really bad. Bad. Really bad.
Kyle XY
New. I noticed Matt Dallas about two years ago. He bears watching. The show is a loser, however.
Law & Order
New. I'm still a fan after all these years. Jeremy Sisto has revived my interest which, I confess, was flagging.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
New. Sis won't watch this. I skip episodes too. I can only take so much child molestation, sodomy, rape, abuse, rape, child molestation, sodomy, rape, and abuse in my week.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
New. Vince D'Onofrio is at the top of my list of underappreciated actors. So many people I know either hate the show or hate him. I love the guy! Who else could play Thor, Orson Welles, A bartender in a virtual world, Abby Hoffman, an interstellar cockroach, and Robert E. Howard? Nobody, that's who!
Law & Order: the Janitorial Staff
New. Well. I am pretty sure this one is up next season.
New. Defunct, I think, but I have hopes it'll be back.
New. I love the story, the characters, and the show in general. Three people in the show are on my "to be watched" list, meaning if they are in a movie or a TV episode, it is not to be lightly foregone. I try not to miss Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, or Miguel Sandoval. Miguel is on my underappreciated actors list.
New. Prolly canceled after the writer's strike. *sigh* Another Vampire story.
New. Not a big Mark Harmon fan, but the supporting characters make up all the difference. Michael Weatherly has been on my "to be watched" list since "Dark Angel" days (he was Logan "eyes only" Cale). I am also fond of David McCallum and Cote de Pablo's characters.
Prison Break
New. I've been watching Dominic Purcell since the days of the "Lost World" "Beastmaster" and "John Doe" TV series. You'd most likely remember him as "drake" in "Blade Trinity" if you're into the Blade movies. I was completely unaware of Wentworth Miller until "Prison Break" but then realized I'd been watching him for a while.
Re-run. I sometimes see episodes I like. I didn't watch them when new and am catching up.
Sarah Connor Chronicles
New. I'm not going to watch this again unless next week's episode improves. The show has had a few episodes to find it's feet and hasn't. The whole high-shcool-hottie/terminatrix doesn't work for me.
New. It's James Woods. If you don't watch the man you'll earn at least another 6 months in Limbo.
Stargate Atlantis
New. I was a huge fan of Stargate, the move and the series. Atlantis hasn't got the chemistry of the first series, but I'm hanging on hoping they kill off David Hewlett in some particularly spiteful fashion and get on with the real show. I like Joe Flannigan and Jason Momoa's characters. I had hopes for Tori Higginson, but they seem dashed. The story is good and the writing acceptable. Hire a dialogue coach!
New. If I didn't like this show, my Sis would insist that I watch it just for the two hot guys. Fortunately the story is good, I love the characters, and both Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles (another "Dark Angel" alumnus that I've been watching out for) can act!
New. Damn. This is so good. This is so bad. The character/actor worth watching is Captain Jack Harkness/John Barrowman. John hasn't done much else that I've seen, but I'm doing the Netflix thing to see what I can see. I keep wondering where the show will go and I never have been able to anticipate correctly. Eve Myles intrigues me. She looks like my almost-a-daughter.
Tru Calling
Re-runs. (I think it has been canceled.) Eliza Dushku is a "Buffy" alumnus who intrigued me on that show; I'm glad to see her getting some exposure. Her nemesis is Jason Priestly who has never intrigued me at all. This is the first time I've noticed him that he seemed worthy of notice. The brother Shawn Reaves/Harrison Davies interests me. I've never seen him before but predict he'll be seen again. He can actually act. Such a rare thing on Television.
Who Wants to be a Superhero
New. If it comes back it'll be new. This is the only "reality" show I've ever watched. It has that "can't turn away from the train wreck" quality for me, but I do actually enjoy watching people try to think like superheroes - and fail utterly. It would be so easy! Where do they get these dullards?
Without a Trace
New. Re-run. I've never followed this series. I try to catch the new episodes while catching up on the old ones. This has Anthony LaPaglia. I noticed him shortly after I noticed his brother Jonathan LaPaglia in "Seven Days" and "The District" I looked them both up and discovered I'd been watching them without noticing them for years. Both are on my list of underappreciated actors.

         No poem today, no freewriting. I'll make it up, probably. I've actually typed quite a lot today.

         Recipes added today: Beef Bourguignon, Pork Apple Burgers, Asian Tuna Patties, Tuna Piccata Pasta Salad, and Filet Mignon avec le glace balsamique riche


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