Karl (louderback) wrote,

Chicken Nepiev

Chicken Kiev (well, more or less) for dinner tonight       

         The recipe I'm actually making tonight is Chicken Nepiev which combines the best of Chicken Kiev and Chicken Neptune, for neither of which I possess tested recipes. <sigh>Life as a cook is sometimes soooo complicated!</sigh>

         Last night was one of those nights where I was able to confirm that my clock was working by checking it every few minutes throughout the night. Now that that thorough test is completed I look forward to some rest. I did not dream last night, though I fell asleep thinking of castles and battles and my typical stuff of dreams. That'll teach me to watch LOTR re-runs at bedtime.

         I just looked over the election results and had an Epiphany. Hillary is going to get the nomination. Obama will take the popular vote, but Hillary will get all the "superdelegates" - the ones that don't have to vote the way the popular vote went in their states. Obama looks like a hands-down winner at the moment, but Hillary has the insider influence to get the superdelegates. Crap. I don't like either of 'em. I fear a world in which Hillary rules.

         Worked on recipes all afternoon. I added quite a few. Fortunately they were already formatted, just needing a few tweaks. It takes me about 40 minutes to type one in from scratch. If I can mostly cut and paste it takes about 20 minutes. I am appalled at my typing speed. There was a time when I could have typed, formatted, and tested a page like this in about 3 minutes. I mean that literally. Now, I spend vast amounts of time entering things and much more time proofing and correcting what I entered.

         I'm done typing for today. I've had all the fun I can stand.

         Today's poem is at my website and in louderpoetry

         Recipes added today: Meat Loaf with Onion Dip, Chicken Salad pour Gourmand, Pork Chops in the Crock Pot, Meat Loaf con la Mozzarella, Pork Shoulder Mexicano (Slow Cooker).


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