Karl (louderback) wrote,

Prius and plastic surgery

I hate giving myself insulin injections. What? Is that me in the pic? Yeah… sure. That's me. Yeah, that's the ticket…

         I am finally able to give myself an insulin injection no matter how unpleasant I find it. My pharmacy delivered a new bottle after a day's delay. For some reason yesterday they called me to tell me they couldn't deliver because I had to pick it up in person. It my script was a restricted narcotic and had to be signed for in person. When I asked them if they were sure that insulin had become a restricted narcotic, they checked it out. It took another day of flimmery and flammery to get them to deliver it. Gaah! You'd think someone working in a pharmacy would recognize insulin.

         Makes you wonder what the "street value" of insulin is per 1000mg bottle. Doctors and pharmacists are the most appalling bureaucrats. I called today to make an appointment at the plastic surgeon's office and they couldn't understand why I'd be making an appointment for someone else. The woman on the other end of the phone acted like she'd never heard of such a thing.

         The snow last night was less devastating than expected. There are 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground but the streets are clear.

         The prius is still my favourite among cars I've ever owned. Of late it has been a bit annoying, though. Two weeks ago the "low tire pressure" light came on. Sis aired up and it was OK. This week the light is back. Guess we'll have to go by the shop and have 'em inspect the tires. Between tire lights the "service required" light came on. This light has no function but to send you to the dealership to spend money on having it turned off. They said so. The mechanic was a human being (unlike many I've known) and showed us how to turn the light off ourselves. Basically it goes off every 5k miles to remind you to change the oil. Bastards.

         There is no poem as of this writing (12:16) but there will be one shortly. In the usual places, my website and louderpoetry


"I dunno. It's kinda a whaaaangh followed by hanch hanch hanch and a grating noise."
The mechanic looked at me oddly, "Hanch?"
"Yeah, but only when you're starting it."
"Well, does it have any crank?"
"When you turn the key does it have any crank?"
"I guess so, well… I don't know. It tries to turn over but then it makes that noise a buncha times before it eventually starts."
He looked at his boss, "It has crank if it starts…"
"OK, then. It's got crank. What does that mean."
"I guess we'll have to put it up on the lift and see," he tugged the keys from my hand and headed off.
"OK, I guess. How long do you think it might be?"
"Not a clue; Jake's the mechanic I just run the register. I'd have some coffee."

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