Karl (louderback) wrote,

Revamped web page

We all have our ambitions.

         I was feeling ambitious today and redesigned my web page to look more "blog-like". By this I mean that it now has three columns and the content is squeezed into a tiny font unreadable by anyone with less than telescopic vision. I am not truly blog-like as yet as I have no banner ads occupying 60-70% of the viewable area flashing incessantly enough to trigger epileptic seizures and inflicting on the viewer information that they neither want nor need. Other than that it is "blog-ish".

         I will be doing the old "poem-a-day" thing that I did in 2005. I am also going to exerpt the novel I am working on (A Plague of Fangs and Claws). At the moment I have only done character sketches and basic plotting. That is all available at the site. When I actually begin writing prose I will replace the preparatory work with something more interesting or readable.

         I wish I could still paint. I miss creating something visual. Well, Hell. Here's the blind guy moaning about missing things visual. I think I'll not go there.

         Tomorrow's "to-do" list:

  • See the Allergist
  • Pay Real Estate Taxes
  • Buy a new griddle at Target
  • Replenish the supply of Diet Pepsi
  • Drop the car at the Toyota Dealership for maintenance
  • Avoid snow and chilling winds while doing the above

         I miss Florida. The temperature changed 30 degrees in 30 minutes this afternoon. Misery is aptly named.


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