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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Revamped web page
nanowrimo 2010

We all have our ambitions.

         I was feeling ambitious today and redesigned my web page to look more "blog-like". By this I mean that it now has three columns and the content is squeezed into a tiny font unreadable by anyone with less than telescopic vision. I am not truly blog-like as yet as I have no banner ads occupying 60-70% of the viewable area flashing incessantly enough to trigger epileptic seizures and inflicting on the viewer information that they neither want nor need. Other than that it is "blog-ish".

         I will be doing the old "poem-a-day" thing that I did in 2005. I am also going to exerpt the novel I am working on (A Plague of Fangs and Claws). At the moment I have only done character sketches and basic plotting. That is all available at the site. When I actually begin writing prose I will replace the preparatory work with something more interesting or readable.

         I wish I could still paint. I miss creating something visual. Well, Hell. Here's the blind guy moaning about missing things visual. I think I'll not go there.

         Tomorrow's "to-do" list:

  • See the Allergist
  • Pay Real Estate Taxes
  • Buy a new griddle at Target
  • Replenish the supply of Diet Pepsi
  • Drop the car at the Toyota Dealership for maintenance
  • Avoid snow and chilling winds while doing the above

         I miss Florida. The temperature changed 30 degrees in 30 minutes this afternoon. Misery is aptly named.

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Now I know what Karl with hair looks like! But I like bald guys, so what do I know! LOL!!

I like the design, although something in the formatting is making my comments format very strangely indeed.

Will you link when you have new poetry? Yeah, you say now there's going to be a new poem everyday, but that means I have to REMEMBER there will be a new poem everyday, and then you'll have to totally keep to the regularity.

I like the way you write a lot.

How is the blood sugar going?

I will keep things going

A poem a day will doubtless mean an entry a day in my journal. I have had a couple of people tell me that my page formatting is odd but I don't know precisely how to correct it. I use width=100% in my HTML instead of width=800 or some such. It is possible that the tendency to stretch to fit causes some formatting issues.

Some of my poems will have a short span on the web page, but they will all live on in louderpoetry and somewhere on my website if "worthy". There will always be at least a link from my journal entry to the webpage when an update takes place.

Re: I will keep things going

Pls add me to louderpoetry pls! I tried to join, but apparently, it's set to contact you directly.

I thought your page formatting was OK.

Re: I will keep things going

I've seent you invitations to louderpoetry and loderprose

As to the Blood Sugar

I'm fasting atm and will visit the doc tomorrow. They're testing "proinsulin" or something like it. It determines whether or not I am producing any insulin or am just insulin resistant or both.

I am also seeing an allergist who seems to think some of my problems with sleeping nad neuropathy may be related to areas of his specialty. Not necessarily allergies, but immune system problems. Diabetes is an immune system disease after all...

Re: As to the Blood Sugar

That's a very interesting thought. I have to give that link some thought and research.

I've got immune system issues, and am very curious to see how such things are connected...

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