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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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the endless post
nanowrimo 2010

I've been playing a lot of chess of late.

         Much of my time during the day is spent at Gameknot. If any of you are chess enthusiasts, it is free, does not spam, and has a good interface. I play about ten games at a time online. I belong to a team called "The Barmy Army" run by a man named Andy from Sunbury-on-Thames. He, and the team he has assembled, has revived in me the interest in chess that had flagged for nearly twenty-five years. We participate in tournaments, have our own internal mini-tournament and are ranked in the top 100 teams (59 on the team ladder). There are a number of excellent players on the team, including at least three rated in the 1700s. For those you not familiar with chess rankings, this is really good. Myself, I rank around 1100 most of the time. For comparison, 1700 is the 90th percentile, 1100 is the 18th.

         I totally zoned on this entry at about 10:00 this morning. Now that I'm back I'm at a loss for words. I am lazy and in a lot of pain this afternoon. Sleeping an injury into my back the other day has left me fairly miserable. Perhaps I will yield to tripsolagnophilia and go get a massage. I tried that a few months ago. It was pleasant enough but didn't provide any real relief.

         I tried very hard to do something even remotely productive today and failed utterly. I spent most of my time in front of the television ignoring old episodes of Law & Order. I've done an unusual amount of writing in the last week or two and an unusually slight amount of gaming. I wonder if the two are inimical?

         I just can't seem to finish this. I'm just going to quit and call it done for today. I started this before 9:00 this morning and it is now 9:30 pm. That sucks.