Karl (louderback) wrote,

a pun and a lot of complaining

Yeah, probably everyone in the world but me has seen this already but it is still a good pun.

         Today has been one of those awful days where nothing has gone well. It seems I somehow injured myself in my sleep. How do you hurt your back and hip by sleeping?

         My blood sugars are still way out of whack. I had a fasting BG of 311(17.2) at 8:00 this morning, took 500 mg of metformin and 70 units of lantus. Now, having eaten nothing, my BG is 265 (14.7). What the Hell is going on?

         I hit the wrong button in itunes today (I am getting to hate the product) and it went out and indexed my entire hard drive as well as the dvd I had in my drive. I now have every mp3 that I had on the system multiple times. It indexed my backup folder and my dvd. Now I have to either go through and delete all the extra copies - not an easy process because I have been going through correcting the info on misnamed songs and such - or just delete everything and start over.

         I am amazed at how many mp3s are misnamed or mis-attributed. One of the most awful is a copy of "Inka dinka do" by Jimmy Durante. It has the name as oinkadino doo and is attributed to Louis Armstrong. How anyone could mistake Jimmy for Louis escapes me. OK, the name of the song is not, perhaps, intuitive (unless you actually listen to it), but those voices are miles apart.

         I are frustrated on many other counts but this appears to be one of those bitchfest posts so I'm quitting now.


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