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News and more news.

But then, wouldn't any politician basically say the same thing?

         For a change, there's a lot to write about.

         First, Monday the 21st of January in 2008 is a day worthy of enshrining in this, or any, journal. The sun shone, birds sang, I danced ever step that I walked, surrounded by green fields and nodding flowers that scented the air with sweetness redolent of the youth of the world, because I met beanrua. Well, OK, that is laying it on a bit thick… but we did have a long and pleasant chat over copious quantities of coffee. We talked the afternoon away and I had the opportunity to tell to someone who hasn't already heard them a dozen times all my histories and anecdotes. For her part, she left me delighted with a zillion tidbits I'd never have discerned from her journal. Altogether a good day and one I want to repeat.

         In my last journal entry I told of one of my prophetic dreams. I didn't recognize who's funeral it was, but now I suspect I know. My son Joe's biological grandfather passed away the day after the dream. I suspect it was a younger version of the man I knew that I saw in my dream. I don't recollect that he ever wore a moustache, but otherwise it could have been him. It is the only "family" death since the dream.

         My sis has been sick for two weeks. I haven't wanted to mention it here as it is pretty personal, but I am worried for her and don't really know how to help. Last week she had an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). They discovered an even dozen esophageal ulcers. Not terribly serious, but the doctor couldn't understand why she wasn't screaming in pain. They are treating that and it seems like it will be under control relatively soon. The worrisome part was the colonoscopy (yeah, both ends). Sis has had constipation for a few weeks. Some relief was to be had with OTC pills and the like, but it went on so long she consulted the doc. It turns out she has a "kink" in her colon. If it doesn't unkink they will have to do surgery to remove adhesions (where the bowel sticks to abdominal wall) and try to unkink it manually. I had a bout with diretulitis myself in the early '90s and experienced some real horrors. Mine was an extreme case, and I suspect her problem is probably not closely related to mine. The solution, however, may be. I would hate to see her experience the ickyness of a temporary colostomy, as I did. I have heard that they can do the surgery she may need as a laporoscopic technique, much less invasive than the kind of surgery I had. Everybody cross your fingers.

         I have been a bit ill, off and on, for the last month. I think the last two weeks might be simply sympathy pains.

         I have not been gaming much of late. My modem took a hit early in the week, the power blew it out. It took two days to get it replaced. Embarq is dim-witted about this. It took hours, literally, on the phone with them to get them to the point where they would admit the couldn't get my computer to connect. I understand not wanting to make unnecessary service calls, but it has become ridiculous. The process of getting through to a human when you call such a company has become absurdly difficult. To be forced to experience a pseudo-human acting out an hours long script in defiance of simple thought processes is maddening.

         As to gaming, I am being forced by my finances to choose between World of Warcraft, City of Villians, and Pirates of the Burning Seas. I can probably keep two of them (one would be better) but I am having trouble making the decision. I like POTBS, but have found that I can't play it for hours at a time as I do with WOW or COV; it is a much more episodic game for me. That may not be bad, but I also know nobody that plays the game. Not much prospect of teaming with someone. Now, WOW I can play for hours, but my usual gaming partner, my son Joe, no longer plays, and I only know one other person who can team with me successfully. I can play WOW for hours but basically am limited to characters less than level 30 because I can't solo much higher. COV I can play for hours, and my son Joe is playing there, but we are at such disparate levels, that we don't really get to play together. Also, I am stuck at level 25 or so with my COV characters as I can't solo them much higher. *sigh* It may come down to flipping a coin. The nice thing is that I can always discontinue WOW or COV and reinstate later without losing my characters (probably).

         Tonight I'm upset. I tested my blood sugar at around 3:00 and found it to be 450 (should be 80-120). I took an extra dose, a large one, of my insulin at that time, and by 7:00 it was down to 305. Now, about 11:00, it reads 211. I skipped supper, and I hope that my sugars will be in a reasonable range by morning. I also hope they don't go too low. Since I took a lot of insulin and it has been dropping steadily, I've asked Sis to wake me if she gets up in the night, just to insure that I can be awakened. Paranoid I guess, but this is me we're talking about, remember?


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