Karl (louderback) wrote,

Not much of interest

         Y'know that squid I complain lives in my sinuses and causes me headaches. Well it finally broke free… see the picture above. You'd think I'd feel better.

         My way of saying I feel like crap today. Don't know what is wrong. Well, I do know what is wrong. I am depressed, impoverished, and my blood sugar is 324. That pretty much covers the situation.

         beanrua has been posting interesting photos. I recommend her journal. If there is a theme to her writing it has escaped me, but it is interesting reading.

         I have been writing a great deal the last two days. I am savagely frustrated by the fact that I've come up with twenty-two ideas for stories, novels, or even series of stories and can't find one I really want to put on paper. Some of the ideas are actually good, but I am not inclined to post 'em for everyone to see because I might actually write one of 'em some day. I should put them out there somewhere with a firm date on 'em so I could confirm my prognosticatory prowess when someone makes a fortune with my idea.

         I'm just gonna write a bit and give it up for today.


Some days are golden. You get out of bed and there's enough hot water for a shower of any length you want to take. You reach for a towel and its there and its clean. The toilet doesn't back up, there are enough eggs and ingredients for any omelette ever conceived by man, the frying pan is on top of the stove and not in the dishwasher, and its clean.

Then they meet you at the locked door at work and hand you your last paycheck.

But the day is golden, right? The envelope contained a month of pay, not just a two-week payoff, and a generic letter of recommendation. Four hours later in the internet café - the one with the good coffee, you've already arranged for an interview at a better-paying job.

You walk home and she finally calls back. Dinner tonight? Sure, the day is golden. She wants to cook. Golden.

Humming and bumbling to yourself, you take the stairs two at a time. Got to get home so you can get dressed in your best and head out for dinner.

On the door there's a notice posted. Rent rebate due to a class action suit. Looks like the rent won't be due again until May. Golden. Inside the golden sunlight pours through the window and things look like a person lives here, not the loser hermit you think yourself to be.

Head for the bedroom and a change of clothes, and things go downhill immediately. It figures. It just figures. On the best day of your life you come home in a great mood, with great expectations, going on a date with the girl of your dreams, and you find a body on the bed. And its yours.

It just figures.


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