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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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First of 2008
nanowrimo 2010

         My first post of 2008 is little different from every post of 2007. My life is so empty of interesting tidbits that I sometimes despair of continuing this journal. Of course, I have a permanent account, so there is no reason to delete it. <gripe>Of course I got a permanent account just in time to have LJ's second owner sell it to its third</gripe>

         Let's see, what else is there to bitch about? Hmmm. I'm fresh out.

         I have discovered a new use for that obsolete device the telephone. Instead of calling a large corporation and pushing buttons on command in order to gain little or no information and no satisfaction at all, I have learned that one can talk to a live person. This is called having a "conversation" and is much like e-mail or instant messaging except that you don't type *at all*. Crazy huh? Which is to say I spoke to beanrua the other day and enjoyed the conversation.

         I tried a new dish yesterday. I regard it as a great success. You can find the recipe for Greek Chicken and Potatoes and the Cheese Sauce with Mustard that I served over asparagus at my recipe site. Surprisingly I have added a number of recipes to the site in the last few weeks. I guess I'm just in the mood to cook.

         I've been writing a bit. I use something called Dramatica to organize information for stories. I've entered all the characters and basic plot information for "Battle Mage". I will share more when I actually have made some progress with the post-organization-actual-writing part of creating a novel.

         Health still sucks, insulin still not doing the job. Nothing else to report. No freewriting today.

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Conversation...what a concept! Let's do it again! *laughing*

It's so much easier to be snide, bitchy, and totally crack up during a conversation than online. Sarcasm tags don't work as well!

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