Karl (louderback) wrote,

PIty Party

Oldies Radio

I sit here at my table
          and my face is all aglow…
I've been up all night listening
          to oldies radio.

The music that I'm hearing
         reminds me of my past…
I wonder when I lost my way
         and why I chose this path.

Where are the women of my life
         and where are all my sons…
Am I to live my life alone
         until my life is done?

Why did I choose a life of work
         and not a life of fun?
I shouldered all those burdens…
         why was I the one?

When I feel nostalgia
         for all the things by gone…
How do I explain to me
         all the things I've done?

I seldom feel regret's sharp pain
         I rarely share my past…
but I'm coming closer to my end
         I feel it coming fast.

If I could do just one thing more
         take a gift from far above
I'd live my life without the cost
         of living without love.


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