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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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PIty Party
nanowrimo 2010

Oldies Radio

I sit here at my table
          and my face is all aglow…
I've been up all night listening
          to oldies radio.

The music that I'm hearing
         reminds me of my past…
I wonder when I lost my way
         and why I chose this path.

Where are the women of my life
         and where are all my sons…
Am I to live my life alone
         until my life is done?

Why did I choose a life of work
         and not a life of fun?
I shouldered all those burdens…
         why was I the one?

When I feel nostalgia
         for all the things by gone…
How do I explain to me
         all the things I've done?

I seldom feel regret's sharp pain
         I rarely share my past…
but I'm coming closer to my end
         I feel it coming fast.

If I could do just one thing more
         take a gift from far above
I'd live my life without the cost
         of living without love.

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Did you write that?

There is just as much sadness being involved with someone who can't and who won't ever love me (or anyone else)...and what's the point of loving him? *shrug* Everyday I wonder if it's better being alone or being involved in a loveless relationship. It's sad that I can't figure that out.

I guess we didn't think things would end up like this.

I guess nothing comes out the way it's planned. Who knew we'd ever get old?

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