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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010

My dreams were of spaceships and Orbach. Well, they were. I dreamed being towed, quite genially, behind a spaceship on a tether. It was a bit like water-skiing. I also met Jerry at lunch, though we didn't get to talk much. He looked a lot younger in person.

     It was a night of dreams. I'll relate both of them as they were quite different from my usual dream experience.

     Early in the evening I dreamed of being in space. The spaceship I was traveling in was a like the one pictured but with elements of the classic "silver cigar". Little of the dream remains in my mind save that I remember going outside in an invisible space suit. It was like floating in space in your street clothes. We attached ourselves to the ship with a line that was exceedingly thin and fragile-seeming, no more than a wire that was almost invisible in space. I mention "we" but can't recall who any of the others were, I just recall not being alone. We, then, unreeled our tethers which had head-sized silver balls at the end and proceeded to slide up and down the wire performing various acrobatic feats and whirling ourselves madly about. It was enjoyable and a bit like water-skiing in some respects.

     Just before waking I went out on the terrace of an enormous white building and found dozens of people having lunch. I was led to a table and seated in the only empty seat there. The place I was in had the look of a terrace café, metallic mesh tables and chairs all in white and servers dressed in white attire delivering meals. I found I was seated beside a much younger-looking Jerry Orbach. We said hello and I began a rather fan-typical gush about how I though he was a great actor and I was surprised that I really missed "Lenny" just like he was a real person. Jerry didn't seem displeased, but didn't have anything to say to my remarks. He did say he loved "this place" and got to meet a lot of people he never would have known otherwise. About that time someone tapped him on the shoulder and started a conversation I didn't pay attention to. When I looked back from peering at the other people around me, Jerry was leaving. He excused himself and went to stand by a table nearby where he leaned down and talked to a woman with very white hair.

     That was all there was to that dream. It's funny, but I've admired Jerry Orbach as an actor without ever particularly wanting to meet him. The actor's I've always wanted to meet have never been available, by any stretch, to me. And before you ask, that would be Steve Allen, Clayton Moore, Vincent Price, and Kevin Smith. I feel slightly odd including Kevin Smith amongst the august personages who precede him but I just really would have liked to have met the guy. Ares was just such a cool character to me that I thought Kevin Smith must be a really interesting person, someone I might get along with… And, yes, I did watch Xena. There was a time in the '90s where it was required by law that some channel somewhere (24/7/366) must be airing an episode of either Xena or Hercules. It was fairly inescapable.

     No freewriting today.

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Vincent Price was my favorite bad-movie actor. Ever.

w00t! Fellow Xenite here! Love Kevin Smith. A real shame he's gone.

It is funny to me that nobody has stepped forward to take the place he was filling. There just aren't that many big men able to act, it seems. Consider Oded Fehr as a possible successor to Kevin.

Well, the Xena series came to its natural end since the Olympians declined, and most of them died. Naturally, the setting changed to the extent where the series would no longer exists in its true form. They'd branched out into Japan, India, China, the middle East. They (Xena and Gabby) grew with the series, and didn't have anywhere to go that would lend itself to being "Xena: Warrior Princess" ever again. Xena finally died and Gabriel went along her way no longer a sidekick. Aries did not need to stay on in terms of the series.

Or were you speaking generally?

of the place, generally speaking, that Kevin occupied in the venue of actors. There are few men of stature (well, ok, 5'10" is not huge) who are available for movies. Kevin was large in appearance, very physical. Not many actors fit that role any more.

Right. I understand what you mean... You are talking about the big guy Conan type actors who can actually act. I agree with you there. :)

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