Karl (louderback) wrote,

Clowns for the KKK

Evil Genius
Evil Genius
—from the game of the same name
This may be the cover art from the game. I recall the game but not the box it came in. I enjoyed Evil Genius. The basic theory is that you get an island assigned to you where you can build your "evil lair". While doing so, various agents will break in and try to destroy your power generator, rob your vault, and kill off your henchmen. 'Twas fun.

     My son Joe called to tell me about an upcoming computer game called Spore. It started out as the next "sims" game, it appears but has outgrown the concept. 'Twould appear one can start as a unicellular life-form and "evolve" into intergalactic travel. It should be interesting.

     I've been suffering a lot of aches and pains the last couple of days. It seems that every time the humidity/barometer changes with any rapidity I am afflicted with joint pain and muscle aches. I keep looking for a "pain pill" of any sort that works, but it seems anything that actually alleviates pain puts me to sleep. <sigh>Oh well</sigh>

     I have a friend who has a daughter living in Knoxville, TN. I ran across a funny article I saved for him. It was about a KKK/Neo-Nazi rally in downtown Knoxville that was broken up by 100 clowns. Every time the Nazis shouted "White Power!" the clowns sprinkled everyone and shouted "White flour!". This seemed to have annoyed the Grand Dragon (or whatever) who charged the clowns and got arrested. "Sweets for the sweet," says the saying. Perhaps "Clowns for the clowns" works too.


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