Karl (louderback) wrote,

Small World

This is one of a number of "strangemaps" I've purloined from the site. This one appeared in their RSS feed today and my connections to FL made it of considerable interest.

     I'm on the phone with Verizon HR today. I'm trying to figure out just what health care I have. The answer seems to be "I dunno". They say I have the coverage I've always had. If so why is nobody paying?

     Of course after more than forty minutes on the phone I was able to resolve nothing. At least the "hold" music was good › Bach's Goldberg Variations. When was the last time you heard harpsichord "hold" music?

     I'm bored and tired today. I've done nothing but cook a pot of chili. That is not exactly strenuous.

     Turn yourself to the South. Close your eyes and levitate. Rise on high and continue higher. Wait for the biting cold at the edge of space. Open your eyes and look on the nations of the earth and let the world turn beneath you.
     Central Russia is at your feet, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, India, and beyond that the vast Indian Ocean. You can float for an hour before Mongolia, China, and Indonesia pass. Only the Westernmost tip of Australia will come into view.
     Six hours more will pass before Alaska comes into sight lying crooked around the endless Pacific Ocean.
     Two hours more will come and go before California comes into your view, and three more will pass before the Andes, Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru will be visible in the far South. That is still three hours from Natal on the Easternmost shore of Brazil.
     An hour will pass with a view of only Greenland and the turbulent North and South Atlantic oceans.
     Cape Verde and Senegal on Africa's Western coast will appear, precursors to Spain, Algeria, and Mali, an hour later.
     After another hour's wait you can see Central Europe, but not yet Central Africa.
     In sixty more minutes, you'll be looking South across Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Central Africa, South Africa. For the first time you'll be looking at more land than water. Then you're on to Western Russia, Moscow, the Middle East, the Eastern African nations of Somalia, Ethiopia, and the island of Madagascar.
     The world has turned full circle now, with the Karz Sea beneath your feet Astana, Tashkent, Kabul, and Karachi align to the South.
     Small world, huh?

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