Karl (louderback) wrote,

Awaiting my own flood

Flood and Tower
I can't guess what this construction is nor why it might be flooding in such a fashion. I'm not sure it is even are real picture and not some sort of construction. A bridge support tower? A lighthouse? I can't guess.
     My life, lately, feels like today's picture. I am surrounded by an impending flood that may or may not touch me. So many little things are piling up that they feel like a flood. </p>

     Not least of my current irritations is this keyboard. I dearly love it (Saitek Eclipse II) for its media controls and the fact that it is backlit. However, even before the recent rape of my computer, it duplicated keys and skipped others. I have a tendency to have no "y" in any words and often have too many "b's" and "n's" unless I spell check carefully. I've tried downloading new drivers, but there are no Saitek drivers and the windows drivers say they're working perfectly. Any suggestions? Anyone? Yes, Ed, "Get a mac" … I'm working on it.

     Today's stressors are all tax-related. I'm going to have to visit the MO Dept. of Revenue to find out why they think I should have filed taxes in 2002. That was the year I lost my vision. I didn't work much and didn't receive any Social Security Disability. I have to figure out what is going on and they won't talk to me on the phone (not sensibly). I must also (this month) scrape out enough money to pay taxes and tags on the prius, which has yet to be named.

     It has always been my habit to anthropomorphize my vehicle. I've been certain that any vehicle as complex as a car takes on traits of personality and gender. I have had both male and female cars over the years, one that was a pretty mellow ol' gal and another that was a rather hyper and hypochondriacal guy. The prius needs a good name and needs to be sexed in some fashion.


The Argument
     It's always the same old argument. I've had it a hundred times. She and I start out with a wonderful rapport and she finds a simple flaw in something I say and won't let go of it.
     I told her once "It couldn't have been better if your were a gourmet cook". A compliment I thought. She seized on it and came back with "And you're saying I'm not a gourmet cook?"
     I tried to backpedal, but she would have none of it. I finally agreed, she would not let me do otherwise, and said, "Yes, I am saying you're not a gourmet cook". It doesn't matter that I recognized my error and tried to explain that I had meant "gourmet chef" in the sense that such a person is a trained cook who cooks for gourmets (which she is not and I am not). She is an excellent cook, but she is not a trained chef and isn't likely to be employable as a chef in a five-star restaurant. That doesn't mean I was denigrating her skill. I was complimenting it!
     She screams at me without raising her voice. I am so bad with words that I give a thousand opportunities each day to take something I've said incorrectly, or somehow badly, and maul me with it.
     Why is it important to her that I be wrong?

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