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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Arrrgh! (but not in the piratical sense)
nanowrimo 2010


     I'm now experiencing official withdrawl from my gaming activities. It has been more than 24 hours without city of villains.

     I've been able to get some relief by surfing incessantly and visiting the Walkers chatroom. I have been away from walkers for a while, several weeks, but have decided to return. I miss all my online friends.

     The walkers chat was hacked a while ago. Such things make me sad. There's always that guy at the party that thinks he is powerful because he can put a turd in the punchbowl and get people to leave. I fail to see what satisfaction anyone can get from tormenting mentally ill people. They're We're not even good targets for such things.

     I've been watching a lot of TV too, of course. I can kill time setting up timers for Dish Network's DVR also. We got a new set-top box recently and of course lost everything we had recorded and everything set up to record.

     I am finding it hard to set up timers for shows that aren't showing new episodes at the moment. I never know when something is going to be on, so I have a hard time setting up things like CSI or Law & Order. I've been recording them and watching them later (like everything else) for so long that I no longer even know what night the new episodes are on. A lot of these things I don't even know what channel they are on anymore. I don't watch the commercials, and the pop-up adds have just become invisible to me. My brain filters them out.

     I wish I could afford TIVO. I think it would be kewl but it is just not worth it to me to subscribe and pay for a DVR too.

     Tonight's time-killer is from Netflix (may they never go out of business!). I'm watching Cars. I'm about half-way and am thus far unthrilled. Disney used to be wondrous but I haven't seen a movie that really did it for me like the old ones in a long time. Cars lacks the universality of something like Dumbo or Pinocchio. The whole NASCAR world is, indeed, a world unto itself but lacks the complete cultural context of the circus or something like the shoemaker and the elves. There aren't any kids anywhere that lack the concept of at least something like a circus or a puppet, but car racing is far from a universal concept. I think that, though the movie is fun, it is not a great movie the way things like snow white and such things are.

     Wow! Have I become a crotchety old man or what?

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I think the last Disney movie that I thought was memorable was Finding Nemo.

So much of their stuff is insipid these days.

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