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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Wood Pellets
nanowrimo 2010
Today's Image:
Map of Subject World Happiness           This is a map showing "subjective" world happiness. Surprise! Surprise! The wealthy parts of the world and those without a war on their soil are distinctly happier than the others. Not to brag on my psychic abilities, but as soon as I heard about this map I was able to guess which countries thought they were happier than the others. The big surprise on the map (to me) was Oman — a country about which one rarely hears… well, in the news anyway.

Recently Played Songs:
         The last few days have been erratic for me in terms of my blood glucose levels. I am off byetta injections (thank the gods!) and back on avandamet. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be working any better. Dr. Biller wanted to start me on insulin injections and I managed to put him off again. I guess I'll give it 20 pounds and if I can't get my sugar under control with meds I will start on insulin.

         Things have been erratic on other fronts as well. We had wood pellets delivered yesterday. A ton of wood pellets (compressed sawdust) lasts me a heating season most years. Isn't it odd to think of heating in the middle of Missouri's August heat wave? I had to. Last year I waited I tried to order in July and was told it was too early. I tried in August, was told it was too early, then tried in September and was told it was too late — unless I wanted to pay extra. That was the third year I was raped on price. This year I got in the manager's face, quoting him from the previous year and giving dates. He gave me last year's price (probably higher than this year's with my luck) and delivered immediately.

         Given that lengthy preamble, I then moved a ton of wood pellets—50 bags weighing 40 pounds each—from one end of the garage to the other. The forklift wouldn't fit into the garage. <sigh>Oh well!</sigh>

         I also did a load of laundry. Where's my medal?

         Nothing more today.