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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Zorro and stomach troubles
nanowrimo 2010
The universe is without end. As we are not, this knowledge lacks a certain practical value.
—Ubin the Elder
This quotation introduces a chapter in "Search Forever" a story idea that never developed. In it a man obsessively launches probe in hopes of finding the "genetic reincarnation" of his lost love. In chapter after chapter, problems are discovered or caused by the probes.

         Today was high on the crap-o-meter. In every sense of the word crap. I had hideous diarrhea which coupled with my hideous cold made coughing an experiment in fear. The roast beef sandwich I had for lunch did not stay down and urping while having diarrhea is something which bears no description. To have had a seizure after all this just tops off a day that was unrelentingly bad.

         "Apart from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" Not all that bad. Given the ickyness of the day I simply watched television and tried to hold myself together. I am doing a Zorro-thon. It started quite unintentionally when I saw Legend of Zorro (the Antonio Banderas Zorro). It put me in the mood and I noticed that two different channels were showing Zorro movies. One was Mask of Zorro (Banderas) and the other was The Mark of Zorro with Frank Langella as the Masked Hero. I have seen many Zorro's over the years. I hold that Antonio Banderas should be buried in the Zorro costume as Bela Lugosi was buried in the Dracula Costume. That said, I was delighted with the 1974 portrayal (TV movie) by a young, thin, Frank Langella. I like Lanngella asan actor. I've seen him do a Sherlock Holmes that was excellent. I even liked him as Skeletor (the only thing I liked about that movie). I think his best performances were around 1980. He did a quite acceptable Dracula and the Sherlock that I mentioned earlier at about that time.

         I can't bring myself to write tonight so I'll just call it quits.

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The universe is without end. As we are not, this knowledge lacks a certain practical value.

From the word "as", I highly disagree with that statement. Perhaps not physically, but definitly spiritually.

I hope you are feeling better today.

And as I remember, Frank Langella was a pretty HOT Dracula!

Brought to Dracula the same "aristocratic menace" that Vincent Price brought to roles... taking nothing at all away from Bela Lugosi, of course.

Yeah, but Langella had alot of charisma and was pretty darn good looking...Price was just really really creepy.

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