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The dead resemble the living in that their ambitions overreach reasonable expectations.
— Denk the Necromancer
11,454 AR

"AR" refers to After the Rising (of the dead). Denk is a Necromancer in the city of Falkosh on the main continent (Silumi the snake) of Urdum. Each continent on Urdum is named after an animal it represents. There is Silumi the snake, Wogram the bird, Picam the fish, Hasrui the rat, and Illi the man - to name the five continent sized land masses. There are countless islands as large as Cuba or the Phillipines. Denk maintains the health of citizens who are dead. He is simply a doctor for zombies. 11, 454 years ago, across Urdum the dead rose (AR in dates means after the rising) and, confused and distressed by their situation, attacked the living. Over a period of a century the dead and the living came to accommodation. Now one's "transition from life" as they call it is seen as a sacred moment... the beginning of one's death-life, a much longer one than your living-life.

         Who ever thought the dead would rise in such a fashion? Now I guess we find out if the National Guard's training really includes anything useful for zombie attacks. In late-night movies, the first thing the Mayor ever does when zombies show up is to call the National Guard. Now we'll see if life (or afterlife, I suppose) imitates art.

         So far the zombie "attacks" in my neighborhood have been limited to them wandering down the street. I haven't seen a zombie actually attack anyone except on TV. We're staying indoors (it's sis's day off) and keeping the shades down. Thank goodness this happened while the family was at home. Had Sis been at the prison where she works, getting home might have been difficult.

         Sis has rather a blasé attitude about the zombies we have seen. She says the prisoners she works with all day have very zombie-like attitudes.

Denk of Urdum

I've never actually written anything to go with the quote that begins this diary entry. It was simply a story idea that never flourished.

"Mr. Smallwood, I've mentioned this before! Please. Please, if you are going to continue your woodworking business in your afterlife, learn to have more care with your power tools. The lack of sensation in your limbs now that you are dead can lead to a great deal of damage from your tools before you notice it." I've taught you about doing your VSE's every ten seconds or so, but if you don't actually perform visual surveillance of your extremities to see if you are suffering damage, you'll be back here on a more regular basis than you already are."

"I'm trying, guuurgh. I've not been dead long."

"My point, precisely, Mr. Smallwood. You've been here five times this year and this is the second time I've had to re-attach this thumb. You must have more care. And, I didn't like the sound of that 'guuurgh'. You know you must take in some fluids, even though there is no need to eat. If you don't your throat and vocal chords will dry up and you won't be able to speak at all. And a little steam once in a while to keep your lungs flexible is a good idea."

"I know, Doctor Denk. It's just that I'm very busy and being dead is quite new to me. I'm the only one in my family that is dead. I'm also the only dead woodworker in the city. It gives me a much bigger clientele than when I was alive. "

"Try your best to take care of your body. It has to last a much longer time in the afterlife than when you were alive."

"I'll try."

"Good!. Now your thumb is re-attached and should work just fine. Don't cut it off again, though. I didn't have much material to work with this time and next time we would have to go with an artificial replacement - not nearly as flexible."

"I'll have a care. Thank you again Doctor Denk."


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