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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Fictitous quotes and my hideous cold
nanowrimo 2010
No longer can I daily bear the sight of the wondrous firmament before me.
That retirement will tear from before my eyes this radiant celestial vision is no matter for sadness but rather one for gratitude.
Now, no longer will I be transfixed on the spear of the heavens but may lay down in peace.
—Last entry in the private diary of retiring Captain Adin SerAdin of the ship Suto, last commissioned battleship of the Imperial Navy of Sul
The diary of Captain Adin SerAdin (son of Adin?) was found aboard the warship Suto. Suto was found adrift on the fringes of an area of space approximately 2000 light-years from earth identified by the ship's inboard computers as the (multi-planet) empire of Sul. The ship was on its decommissioning run according to the same source. It was no longer needed because the Empire had experienced over 1000 years of peace. Captain SerAdin had never fought a battle. The Suto was in perfect condition, still retaining power, life support functioning and all systems in good condition. The ship was, however, devoid of any life or signs of it. Was it abandoned and set adrift? Was this its decommissioning?

         I tend to save, somewhat obsessively, story ideas and snippets of poetry or prose intended to inspire a story or a poem. For a while, I will post one of these at the top of each of my journal entries. I have literally hundreds of these.

         I still have the hideous cold that has been killing me slowly for over a week. The symptoms are disgusting. I will not enumerate them here.

         Greg called me today to tell me his SO is taking criminal justice courses with a eye to becoming a Corrections Officer at a nearby prison. Wonder if this is a trend of some sort as my Sis works (in the kitchen) at a local prison.