Karl (louderback) wrote,

A cold and a battle with Embarq

Today's Lyric:
Skin of thorns
A breath of fire
No life comes near it
None feels it's desire

A longing for something
To ease the loneliness
In these deep enchanted woods
It feeds on emptiness

Who hears you, who sees you
Only those who you infect with fear
No equals, a darker part of light
Your only legacy was the pleasant shades of night

And now it's been to long
Your cry of pain to someone
You are the melancholy beast of the woods
Never have you felt at home
In the silent dark of your throne
You are the melancholy beast of the woods
Melancholy Beast

Recently Played Songs:
         I have had a DSL outage of sorts since Memorial Day (or whatever that recent holiday was). I have had DSL service but it has been nearly as slow as dial-up. An actual outage would have been *more* frustrating, but only somewhat. It turns out that when Embarq upgraded my service from their 300mbs to 500mbs the didn't do the actual work required. Instead of putting in a DSL line, they just combined it with my phone line, added filters and basically upgraded my bill without upgrading my service. I'm going to have words with them over that.

         My DSL is now pretty zippy even with 3 computers sharing the connection. I am once again content in my little space.

         Little else has occurred. I mentioned Dragan last time I posted. I have been enjoying the wine I bought in extremely small amounts. I've had a cold, given it to my sister, and had it back from her in the last two weeks. Colds never used to bother me, but these days I get every possible symptom. I can deal with the runny nose, all that takes is a mountain of kleenex. The cough, well, one must just suffer through it. The aches and pains, though, are making me absolutely insane. Combined with arthritis I wake up in the morning with an elbow or a hip screaming at me and then it *moves* to another location. Totally whack! I hate it.

         On the byetta front, things are not going well. I hate giving myself shots. My sugar has been higher on byetta than on avandamet, but that may be because my metabolism has been screwy with a cold. I will give it at least a few more days before I talk to the doc about it.

         Can't bring myself to write today. I make a promise to write something tomorrow. Y'all hold me to it, y'hear?


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