Karl (louderback) wrote,

Internet outage

Today's Lyric:
O, so it is written son
When all waters and land you see
All around came to birth
Man and beast was one
And the gods of the sky
Walked the face of the earth

Few free and innocent
Man strolled paths next to those
Of beasts seeing no signs
But stars in the sky
Knowing of day and night
Of rain and winds, hunger and fright
But not of death nor of life
Blood & Iron

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         I've suffered a five-day internet outage. You'd not notice that from this journal, of course, but I suppose I can plead a partial justification for my delayed update. I am indisputably an Internet addict. Every few minutes I wanted to do something that I couldn't do. Interestingly enough, none of them were of any importance whatsoever. Couldn't I be addicted to house cleaning or something useful?

         I haven't much news. I'm switching from avandia/avandamet to byetta for my diabetes. Byetta is injected — not looking forward to it.

         My most recent birthday passed on the 7th of this month. I am now officially into my 9th year of geezerhood by my reckoning. I have begun refusing to state my age as other than "old enough to know better". My appearance and age match more closely than they have since I was around 25, but not closely enough to keep people from looking at me funny. Of course, they do that anyway so why do I care?

         I've had some flu-like symptoms for a few days (coinciding with the Internet outage) I wonder if they will clear up now that I'm online. Perhaps I am allergic in some form to non-digital reality?


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