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trivial and wine

Today's Lyric:
In time bleeding wounds will heal
Unlike some which are too deep to see
Like scars in a nomads soul
Their mending is so slow
Not the shout of a hundred enemies
Can make him feel fear inside him
But when sun sets and the cold arrives
With crushing solitude in the darkness of night

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         I've written nothing since the 28th, so I suppose an update is due. As usual, much and little has happened in my life. I'll list the exciting events. I think that won't take all that long, but I'll spice it up for you with trivia and the occasional random rant or digression…

         Vman (Vince) has moved in. He's settled nicely I think. The last remaining "difficulty" is that his room has no curtains. I think that'll be resolved today. All things are amiable and relatively organized. Having someone in the house who understands water softeners is quite convenient.

         The furnace/air conditioning plant broke down. I feared the worst as it is 29 years old. It turns out it needed only a motor. Expensive, but much less so than a full replacement of the whole unit.

         The phones were out briefly. I think this is due to moving the tv set-top box. Embarq was here doing whatever they do and did not solve the problem. It was left at "must be something 'inside' the house..." Assholes. I pay for "inside" service. If anyone else provided "local" service in this area I would switch.

         Another birthday has passed, largely unmarked. Sis, Vman and I had dinner at Red Lobster. I do not recommend the Coconut Shrimp (the words Parrot and Rum are involved in the description). The meal was tasty, but less than filling and unremarkable in all ways. The clam chowder was actually good, though. Red Lobster's clam chowder seems to be one of the relatively few clam chowders that actually involve clams in the preparation. I think they might just dunk 'em and re-use them in the next pot, but at least the flavor is there. I had a glass of wine with dinner. Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon. It was surprisingly drinkable. Either Beringer has improved or my tastes have deteriorated. I can recall days when I wouldn't have used that particular wine to scrub my bathroom tile.

         On the subject of wine, I am once again in touch with PRP Wines. The represent the Peiroth winery (and others I assume). A representative named Dragan Steponovitch (really) will call on me toward the end of may with a case of Travicello in tow. If you know me well, you have heard me sing the praises of Travicello. If not, well, just envision hosannas, Snoopy's "happy dance", and a very intense orgasm infused with deep, personal, meaning happening all at once, and you can envision my reaction to a glass of Travicello. The wine is sweet for a red (a veritable soda pop of wine) and has a wonderful bouquet there is a raspberry/plum sort of flavor involved. One has to experience it to understand.

         I finally saw the movie Eragon. My son raved about it. I am less enthusiastic. I am looking forward, however, to adding it and the sequels to my collection. It is good fantasy, an accolade I afford grudgingly to movies.


I Walk With Giants

I walk with Giants, least among them.
I, of greater sires a lesser son.
Beside them striding into darkness
I watch the sunset enfold the sun
Our spearpoints dipped in blood-red light.


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