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Eye Doctor Today

Today begins slowly. I go to the eye doctor (couldn't spell the optha word) at around 10:00 today. I will try to get a ride from someone as I expect they'll dilate by eyes and leave me unable to drive for a while.


    I cleaned out all my certs a while ago (to see if it had any effect at all on anyone It did not and didn't put yours back because I'd intended to begin a "LuTron should be brown campaign". I just never got around to it. Now you are brown and my campaign is pointless. I won't certify you again for fear I might turn you green.That would be wrong.

I don't feel at all well today. I hope my system is not so screwed up as to affect my eye test. I have been having blurring problems when I wake up, but no others.


    What a bombshell! Well, that too, but I meant about your lemon. All I can do is offer you my full support in any way you need it. Let me know how I may be of help.

    It has been my experience that doctors don't know what they say they know. Some know more than they let on (many) and some less (still more) but none of them tell you exactly what the situation is. Before you elect (or for that matter choose to defer) surgery, see another doctor. See two or three until you get a sense of exactly what is involved. If you don't understand it, don't do it.

    Sadly, that's about the limit of the advice I have available. Brain surgery is/can be tricky but it is so much more common than it used to be that many procedures are relatively routine.

You may find this URL to be of interest. I don't know your level of knowledge as regards such things.


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