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Dr. Biller and a Dream

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         I was dreaming earlier. One of those "military" dreams I sometimes have. I have recorded it here and in baddreams.

         I saw the doctor today. My heart seems to have little likelihood of problems in the near future. The test was completely positive. Dr. Biller says that probably means my chest pains are muscle and bone related. Arthritis is likely the culprit. Crap.

         I made it to the hospital to clean up bills. I discovered that my sis has over $2500 outstanding of which I was unaware. My own account has $4000 outstanding, but is still in insurance hands. I don't know what that will leave for me.

         We bought a patch kit for the bathtub today. I don't know how successful it will be, but I have no intention of buying a new bathtub.

         I'll do no writing tonight other than to narrate the dream I had earlier.

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