Karl (louderback) wrote,

Dr. Biller and a Dream

Today's Lyric:
War is closed by us
Warriors die nearby
They defend their lands
From those who trespassed
Take your sword and bow and arrows
Saddle a horse, put on a hauberk

Forward! To the war to defend the land
Where you live
Where you grew up
Where you sing your songs

In bloody battle only spirit survive
Body will decay forever
War Is Closed By Us

Recently Played Songs:
         I was dreaming earlier. One of those "military" dreams I sometimes have. I have recorded it here and in baddreams.

         I saw the doctor today. My heart seems to have little likelihood of problems in the near future. The test was completely positive. Dr. Biller says that probably means my chest pains are muscle and bone related. Arthritis is likely the culprit. Crap.

         I made it to the hospital to clean up bills. I discovered that my sis has over $2500 outstanding of which I was unaware. My own account has $4000 outstanding, but is still in insurance hands. I don't know what that will leave for me.

         We bought a patch kit for the bathtub today. I don't know how successful it will be, but I have no intention of buying a new bathtub.

         I'll do no writing tonight other than to narrate the dream I had earlier.

I was standing next to a remarkably large horse. It was all black and hung about with blue tack and decorations. The saddle was an immensely ornate black affair with stirrups of blue-painted metal. I was wearing some sort of armor that had a uniform sort of style to it. Several men around me were similarly dressed. The armor was scale mail, black scales imbedded in what seemed to be a black leather cuirass. There was a blue device on the front that wasn't clearly visible for some reason. It may have been a two headed dog, rampant, sinister. The eyes of the animal were yellow and so were its fangs.

I mounted my horse and discovered I was wearing a cape. It seemed a weather garment or even a bit of armor as it seemed extremely heavy. I think it was leather with a cloth lining. On the outside it was black, inside blue. It had a high wide collar that stood up behind my head. I didn't do anything once mounted, just waited. I was impatient.

Before me there was a shallow valley with a small pond at its bottom. Directly ahead of me the hill sloped down to a level area then climbed steeply on the other side to a crest where trees began. I seemed to be facing east with the sun falling behind me. It was mid-afternoon or a little later.

By the pond before me there was a pile of rubble that may have been a small building. I think it was a shrine that had been maliciously destroyed. It looked odd to me. Bright, almost pulsing light surrounded it; it seemed shiny. The rubble carried considerable significance for me but I don't understand what that significance was.

Horns began to blow. I saw some men on foot come out of the trees opposite and begin to descend the steep slope. I raised both my hands and more horns, brassy and unmusical sounded angrily. I shouted something and ten me dressed much as I was, less the cloak, dashed forward on those immense horses and attacked the men on foot. The riders attacked perhaps forty men, but they made short work of them. The men on foot seemed poorly armored, though they each carried long pikes.

As the riders returned more horns sounded. More men descended from the trees, nearly a hundred this time with some twenty horsemen leading them. I signalled to my left and about fifty horsemen charged the group descending into the valley. Again, the enemy seemed to stand no chance. My horsemen cut down theirs with swords in the first rush and the footmen stood no chance. One of my horsemen was knocked to the ground but stood and laid about him with his sword until there were no foes left. One of his fellows led his horse back to him and they returned to our ranks.

There was a long, restless wait then. It began to grow dark. As the sun disappeared behind me, the noise of a charge made it clear that a large force was descending into the valley. There were no horns this time.

At my command a man rode forward with a torch in each hand. He threw them together, one left and one right, high into the air. I raised both hands and the torches flared as bright as the moon and shattered into a multitude of fragments. Where they lay, they glowed and let me see the approaching men. There were more than previously. There were enough of them to make a mass of flesh that seemed a moving shadow.

I drew my sword and saw that it had a curved serrated blade. It shone brightly, almost as though it had its own light. I waved it above my head and the fragments glowing on the ground ahead all burst into red flame creating a thousand geysers that stopped the enemy advance and destroyed their vanguard in an instant.

I shouted something and our harsh brassy horns sounded. My entire troop charged but I remained in place. As they neared the geysers of flame, they winked out then reappeared when my men had passed. I could see the battle in silhouette and flashes of red light. Little sound reached me.

Horns sounded distantly, from beyond the trees. The moon was rising there (which seems astronomically impossible) and I had a vague impression that this new attack was coordinated with it. As I watched, tall, pale figures on horseback began descending slowly from the trees. I knew that they were not ordinary men. They were numerous but seemed somehow fragile. They were unnaturally tall, pale, almost translucent, on white horses. As the first of them reached the valley floor, I stood in my stirrups and flung my sword toward the battle. It spun flaring red light with every turn and making a whirring sound. It landed near the small shrine, hilt up and its point deep in the ground. I released my reins and shouted words in a whispery sort of language. My voice sounded angry and I arched my back so that my open mouth was pointed directly at the sky. I stood thus for long minutes, shrieking whispers to the heavens, then raised my arms and covered my mouth. When I did, several things happened at once.

The moon, now fully above the horizon shone brighter, then brighter, then brighter. The valley was now as bright as an overcast day. My horsemen, laughed, reared their horses, and threw down their swords to land point-first in the ground. The shrine, or whatever the pile of rubble was, exploded into white light which lanced out to strike my sword. From my sword, lines of white fire curled out to find each of the swords my men had planted. Every where the found a connection they snapped into rigidity like a taught wire. When each one had been found, they began to change locations. The line between two swords would swing like a scythe to another and everywhere the light touched, men died. My own men seemed immune. They simply sat their horses and fended off attack. They knew the enemy was doomed. Lines of white fire snapped back and forth in a complex pattern, moving back and forth across the field. There were hundreds of enemies on the field and all of them who had reached my men were dead in less than a minute.

The pale horsemen halted before the reached the field of light. They seemed diminished in the increased light and they were distant enough from the valley floor to be unaffected by the web of light. They milled about, seemingly undecided as to wether they should retreat when things abruptly changed.

The web of light snapped out of existence and the bodies killed began to glow brightly. Light rose from them and formed above each body a cloud as big as a mounted rider, brilliantly white, and dense as a river fog. I stood again in my stirrups and shrieked a word in that whispery language. It seemed to exhaust me because I then sagged in my saddle, leaning forward and resting my cheek on my horse's neck.

When I looked again, the clouds had moved into the enemy horsemen and were enveloping each of them one after the other. The horsemen were fleeing, but each cloud seemed to move as swiftly as a big cat pouncing. A horseman would be enveloped, there would be a muffled sound, as of someone crying out far away, then the cloud would move on to another victim.

As the last of the enemy disappeared into the forest, my men began to turn and return to my side. Two of them helped me down from my horse. I seemed to need the help. They lay me on the ground, then stepped quickly away. Moments later, the first of the white clouds spawned by the enemy dead drifted into our midst. It hovered over me briefly then descended. I don't know what happened then, I remember a moment of dizziness, a queasy, fearful time that seemed endless, then painful seizures, a jolting electric light, and a black, bitter hatred. It went on and on, one cloud after another subjecting me to the same.

I woke horrified, shaking, and scared. It didn't seem like most nightmares.

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