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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Sighs matters
Doctor Doom
Today's Lyric:
After Baldur was dead a cruel winter came
Three years long
Brother kill brother
Father killed son

No order no law a time full of war
Fear the night
Asgards cock crowed
The cock of hell too

Heimdall's horn sounds in the night
Einheriers are ready to fight
Beginning of the End

Recently Played Songs:
         I've been bummed for a couple of days. Nothing seems to be going right. I have called Dr. Biller repeatedly and haven't been able to get a straight answer about my cardiac stress test and blood work. I have to assume if the news was really bad they would have called by now. I may just go to his office and wait if I don't get things settled up Monday morning.

         My finances are in the toilet again. What a surprise. I think that I will be digging out of the hole I'm in around the end of the year, but in the next 2 years I will have to spend around $50,000 that I am simply not going to have. We must have a car. We must repair the driveway, and the bathroom remodel that was optional is becoming a necessity. I've just discovered a hole in the bathtub. I have no idea how one makes a hole in a bathtub, but there it is. Repair will stave off remodeling at the cost of around $300, but it will only hold things together for a while. Both bathrooms have been leaking into the basement since I moved in here… off and on.

         My last "local" friend has moved out of town. I must find out what the attraction is in Illinois. My son and daughter just moved to Bloomington-Normal. Now the last person with whom I ever have lunch or coffee or whatever has moved to Belleville. I am feeling a little abandoned in Jefferson City. Oh well, I don't/didn't go out that much anyway and I don't really like it much. *sigh*

         I'm not going to do any freewriting this time. I have the urge to do some poetry but can't summon the energy for it.