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annoying music and impatience

Today's Lyric:
A deep roar is sounding
As if the universe were crying
My heart is pounding
My every nerve is dying
The Eye of the Universe

Recently Played Songs:
         I am somewhat "on pins and needles" today. Which is to say I anticipate with some dread the results of last week's cardiac stress test and bloodwork. While the doctor who performed the test stated that there was nothing obviously wrong, I still don't feel well and want to hear the same from my own doctor.

         I've been listening to a new album that arrived Friday. It is Raven's Flight by Nomansland. It is good generally, but there is one song that annoys me. I don't know the name off the top of my head, but imagine, just for a moment, that vikings were still doing their plunder and pillage thing in the early 1800s. Imagine further that they somehow managed to reach the Gulf of Mexico and raid the Southern US. Now consider that these particular vikings heard the song "Polly Wolly Doodle" and really, really, liked it. If they took the song home and sang it for their friends, that is what this particular song on the Raven's Flight album would be like — A happy, bouncy, "prancing-viking", sort of song. It genuinely annoys me.

         I am shopping for more Ensiferum and Nachtfalke albums to take the taste of that song out of my ears, as it were.

         I've few plans for the week. I think I'll go out and have coffee at least one day. I should probably make a visit to the local Lowe's too. I'll let you know how that goes....

Third Grade Hell
"But I hate this song!"
"Billy, don't be silly. It's a good song. Your teacher picked it..."
"But Mom! What does she know? Anyway, she doesn't have to sing it."
"You're just nervous..."
"Nervous! Hell yes I'm nervous!"
"Billy, don't say Hell, I've told you before..."
"Mom! I'm gonna be killed!"
"That's just silly."
"Weren't you ever a kid? Don't you know what is going to happen to me?"
"People are going to hear you sing and think you have a beautiful voice."
"I am singing and prancing on stage, going on about springtime and the rain. My name is Billy Lilliard. I am dressed as a Lilly. I am going to be Billy Lilly or Lilly Lillard for the rest of my life! My grandkids friends are going to come over the house and make fun of Grandpa Billy-Lilly! Why are you doing this to me!"
"It'll be fine."
"It will NOT be FINE!"
"Don't you raise your voice to me, young man!"
"Oh shit!"
"Language! Anyway, it is to late to quit now, just go out there and do what you promised."
"What you promised."
"Just do it."
— Found in the secret tomb of William "Lilly" Liliard, author of "Revolution and the Lies of Man", founder of the Educational Reform Army known best for the atrocities inflicted when they burned over sixty elementary and middle schools and inspired similar burnings worldwide over a four-year span.

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