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Planning my day tomorrow

Today's Lyric:
There was a darkness over the valleys of the north
two ravens high and far off above the battlefields
the black-winged messengers watched
the fighting man and their bloodred axes
the windlords of Asgard
The Windlords

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         Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have to do tests at the local hospital all morning (EEG and blood tests) followed by visits to the offices of Dr.s Biller and Mortise. I don't see either of the docs, just the staff. I'm turning in paperwork to begin using mail order pharmacy options through my retirement plan.

         After all the medical stuff, I am going shopping at Lowes. I have found a new cooktop that I badly want and there is finally room on the card. I am going to shop for an oven too, but don't think I can buy one tomorrow. I often enjoy shopping at Lowes, or just wandering the place. The have gadgets.

         After Lowes, I'm going to Barnes & Noble. That is usually a bit traumatic for me, but I want to look at their selection of audio books. I am also looking through their DVDs for the sequel to Nochnoi Dozor (Night Watch) which is Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch). I can't find out whether it is available, available only in Russian, soon to be available, or never to be available in the US.

         I should grocery shop afterward. Maybe I will, but I suspect I'll be too tired by then.

Shore Dweller
I like living by the water. I've never been a beach person, really. I don't like baking on the sand. Heat simply exhausts me in an unpleasant way. Neither am I a sailor. I do well enough on boats but have no enthusiasm for them. Zipping about on fast boats seems pointless, I don't care one way or other about fishing, and as a means of transportation, there's usually a better way.

The thing I like is the smell and the sight of the ocean. Even a large enough lake incites in me the feelings that I enjoy. There's a "connectedness" to the shores of a large body of water that draws me to it. It is at the shore that the earth takes definition. If there were only sea, the world would be formless. If there were no sea, the earth would be a less auspicious place, and more aptly named.

Stand at the edge of the ocean and here is food, here is animal life in tremendous variety, here is vegetation, shade, and the confluence of climate that is most desirable. I read once that more than eighty-seven percent of the human race lives within fifteen kilometers of running water. We are shore dwellers. I am.

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