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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Nightmares and poetry
Today's Lyric:
One darksome raven riding the Northern wind
One black crown to wake the Aesir
And underneath the waning winter moon
The wind swept cedar forest stirs

Where darksome ravens dwell
There in the ancient glade

Where royal eagles soar
There in the storming skies
Will I set my shrine
And hail the Gods on high!
Where fearsome ravens dwell
Underneath their ebony wings
Where wise owls sing
Underneath their stare
Will I hallow my weapons
At night before the fight!

Where darksome ravens dwell
There in the ancient glade

Recently Played Songs:
         My night last night was a rough one. I had nightmares for a couple of hours. I don't remember what I dreamed but I awakened repeatedly both frightened and angry. I gave up on sleep around 1:00. Eventually, around 6:00, I fell asleep again, but it was, of course, then time to wake.

         The day today was approximately miserable due to lack of sleep. I begged off the trip to Wal-mart citing my exhaustion. My sister seems to shop better in my absence anyway. She found new house shoes for me that suit me reasonably well. She also find a product called Kiwi Fresh Force or something similar that purports to mitigate the stink of shoes worn too often and too long. I have about three pairs of shoes in such condition. I'd much rather deodorize them than replace them.

         I've fallen behind in my listening. My last.fm page hasn't changed much lately. I think I'm waiting to convert to the Mac before I get back into music on the 'puter.

         A poem, then off to bed.

Untitled "epic" poem
A Redondilla- this is a Spanish form written in tetrameter with any of three rhyme schemes: "abba", "abab" or "aabb".

From out the North eight strode all grim
And went to far and distant lands.
They travelled long and formed new bands
And songs and tales tell us of them.

Great Ull the Leader strong and tall,
Gold Sif defender of the weak,
Kavi a slave brand on his cheek,
Alfir fair-hair blue-eyed and small.

Thorson red-beard the leader strong,
Havelock, sailor who builds his ships,
Blacksmith Nori with narrow hips,
And Ket who sings the harper's songs.

Each to a land and each a man
Whose tale is woven in our souls,
Whose names when spoken thunder rolls
Went forth to serve the Gods' demands. (incomplete)

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I like the poem so far... the sort of thing I want to see what happens... like the "narrow hips" description. :) Kinda seems inane, from left field, but the sort of thing you might actually remember aboutsomebody.

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