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Today's Lyric:
Out in Black Mountain a child will smack your face
I'm saying out on Black Mountain a child will smack your face
The babies cryin' for liquor, and all the birds sing bass
Black Mountain blues
Janis Joplin

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         I had a very quiet day today. Things seemed a bit unreal or abstract all day. I was rather disconnected. No nap today, so no odd dreams. My sister finally went to the doctor and had her arm x-rayed. They'll call her tomorrow.

         I ordered Chinese dinner delivered. I had Mongolian beef, a perennial favourite of mine. My sister had her incessant sweet-and-sour chicken. I ate too much. Is anyone surprised?

         I read in a friend's blog that some friend of hers had failed to reciprocate in the "cry on my shoulder" situation. I will never get even on that score. So many people have cried on my shoulder that would never permit me to do so in return that it is fantastic. My opinion is that we use one another in all our relationships. I find nothing wrong with that so long as it is entered into with the foreknowledge that things will never come out equal. My children used me over the years. I don't consider that they "owe" me in any way for doing so. I have used people in various ways to accomplish things, and offer no apologies. I think that that is the lubrication of the wheels of social interaction. It is one of those situations where someone shouts "that's not fair!" and I want to ask them to show me the fairness clause in their Social Contract so we can sue...

         Having ranted so, I wish to assure my friend that I am in no way denigrating her situation or criticizing. I just have a cynical view of relationships and have to blurt it to the world on occasion.

         I don't feel like writing tonight. I haven't been listening to music (which often inspires a thought to write about) nor have I watched much television which is sometimes my other source of inspiration. I did watch three episodes of enterprise on scifi. Three hours of that show is too much.


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