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Make, Jake, and Arlo

Today's Lyric:
She comes waItzing in the nighttime
Made of wings
She is dressed up like a bandit
With a hundred sparkling rings
Looking for my company to keep
Coming closer to me
She doesn't say a word
In the shadow of the carved rock tower
Where the sounds of the night
Were the only things we heard
My Darkest Hour
Arlo Guthrie

Recently Played Songs:
         I'm having a black day today. I woke after a poor sleep filled with odd dreams. I can't seem to get moving today and I don't have the motivation to do so. Bleak. Bleak. Bleak.

         The dream I remember was of driving in company with another person. I don't think we were in a car. We eventually gathered a small crowd of people, 20 or so, and came to a cleft in a huge rock — one of those "Door in the Wall" things. We went inside and found we were to be part of a trial. The person to be tried was a short fat woman of unremarkable appearance. They wouldn't tell us her crime, though. We were to judge all her actions as a whole, not just the crime she committed. The jurors were strange. There were a couple pointy-eared folk I judge to be elves. A short, fat man who was probably a dwarf, though not in any folklore-ish sense. I saw a few other individuals covered with fur or somehow "different" coverings. We never did get around to the trial, but there were some lengthy discussions. It seemed a very pointless dream.

         I don't know why my music has been running to death metal and loud stuff in general of late, but it certainly has. For years, jazz and classical has been my staple in listening. Perhaps it's a "phase" I'm going through.

         I feel the mac mini has served its purpose for me. I now know that I can flee windows to a safe haven in OS X. The mac mini is just not enough machine for me. For one thing it just hasn't enough drive space. It is also slow. It is, however, acceptable in all the very few things that I do on a computer. I basically browse less than 10 web sites, update this journal, play chess at gameknot, shop online, pay bills online, and order pizza (papa johns) online. tune my netflix queue, look up things in onelook or wik/tionary/ipedia/ihow. and play a limited number of games usable with my vision. Now you've covered the extreme range of my computer usage. I used to do *so* much *more* on computers.

         My television watching of late has included a lot of episodes of Jake 2.0 on the Scifi channel. I like Chris Goreham. He was on Medical Investigation after Jake. Both series lasted only 1 season. Too bad.

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