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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Mac Stuff
marvin pondering
Today's Lyric:
Once we were lovers
Just lovers we were oh what a lie
Once we were dreamers
Just dreamers we were oh you and I
Now I see you're just somebody
Who wastes all my time and money
What a lie
You and I
10,000 Promises
Backstreet Boys

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        Depending entirely on your viewpoint I have been mac-enabled or e-mac-ulated I am enjoying the setup process on the mac. Everyone goes on about them being intuitive. I haven't found it to be so at all, but then I'm overcoming lo these many years of ingrained PC habits. I am disheartened to find that I will have to give up at least a few of my favorite products. Coffeecup's HTML editor doesn't have a mac version. Neither does mIrc have a mac version. I've found Ircle to be a worthy substitute so far as mIrc is concerned. I think Taco might work out to replace Coffeecup.

         I am listening to " Going Postal " by Terry Pratchett. It is hysterically funny in the tongue-in-cheek style for which he is noted. It is hard to listen to such a fast-paced, funny story in the laggard fashion required by audio books. I am particularly fond of the jailbreak episode that occurs early in the book. There is an interesting discussion of the value of hope.

         After a full day of experiencing my new (well used) mac I am quite content. There are some interesting things taking place that I don't understand. I have had to work over my wireless network. I think someone was using it heavily. With new security in place the mac is running faster.

         I woke from an afternoon nap today having dreamed of washing windows with no pants on. For those who would like to psychoanalyze me, I will charge 5¢. If you're going to play with my psyche you shouldpay for the priveledge.

I woke chilled to the bone. I was high on a mountainside beneath the branches of a pine tree. The branches brushed the ground all around me and made a sort of cave that was sheltering me from the worst of the cold. It just made me think about how cold it must really be outside my little haven. I wore a light jacket and pants. How I got to such a pass is beyond me, but here I was, unequipped, and lost in one of the last great forests in the world.

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Hey, good choice! I love Macs!

On the new Macs (intel based) you CAN run both Windoze and MacOS! Look into a program called Parallels. I believe it's $80.00. From what we have seen, it's great!

See http://www.gearlive.com/index.php/news/article/ces-2007-parallels-mac-ben-rudolph-interview/ for a demo on it.

I'll be looking into a mac pro around the end of the year. This is a mac mini. There just isn't enough mac here to do what I want. It has served its purpose, though. I now know I can switch to mac and be content.

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