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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Which Tyrranical Ruler am I?
Doctor Doom

Which tyrannical dictator do you most emulate?


Obviously, you are the baddest of the bad. You are also a sensitive artiste, a non-drinking vegetarian, a charismatic crowd-pleaser and a partially incestuous meth-addict. You are dangerous because you know what makes people tick and will exploit that knowledge to the fullest. Ultimately, though, you will be forced to confront the failure of your campaign and die by your own hand before being burned unrecognizable by your generals.
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I was rather hoping for Attila. I'd have settled for Nero or maybe Caligula. I take that back, I wouldn't be that good at being Caligula. I think I'm closer to The Brain than any of the others.

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Attilla busted up on some Romans... Personally, I'd rather get Hitler than Caligula. They were both nuts, but Caligula was nuts enough to be utterly incompitant.

I should have scored as Orson Welles... but people tend to forget that he was a tyrannical dictator.

Didn't even know his personality was quite that bad.

Yay, I'm Hitler too!


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