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Ice and the day the music died

Today's Lyric:
Well ive been rich I've been poor
spend it all on whores
got married and divorce to the girl that's next door
stolen fast cars dated pop stars
been around the world
slept with underage women
turned tricks for a thrill
tried suicide but didn't die
well I'm here to tell
i don't know a heaven
but I've made peace with hell
been shot at been stabbed
been beaten up real bad
survived everything without being killed
The Viking
Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards

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         It has been a day of paralysis. I've accomplished nothing at all. The ice storm hasn't helped. It began with sleet this morning followed by light rain followed by more sleet and something snow-like. The result is a sheet of ice over an inch thick everywhere.

         I spoke with lutron today. His second surgery is over and went well. Tendons are connected, fingers are wiggling, and the hand feels like it is encased in a burning casaba. Things are looking as well as can be hoped. He will require some days of recuperation before beginning physical therapy.

         I had another odd dream last night. It concerned itself with myself and a woman of no specific qualities who were roomers in a boarding house. The woman who was the landlady was mean in every sense of the word… even to the point of telling everyone she had left for vacation and hiding in the house to hear what they said about her when she was gone. At one point she set fire the the house across the street because she was mad at the neighbors. Now the odd thing about this dream is that that is about all there is to it. I don't remember being much involved with anything going on. I don't know who the people were or what relationship they had to me.

         I've been nostalgic for the last six or eight hours. I was listening to '60s-vintage music on Last.fm and bumped noses with some late '50s stuff. I wound up listening to Buddy Holly and enjoying it a lot. I haven't heard "Oh, Boy!" for many years. I also found "Maybe Baby" before I moved back on to the '60s. After a bit I heard "Rubber Ball" by Bobby Vee and looked up "The Night has a Thousand Eyes". Coincidentally, I heard Ritchie Valens' "Come On Let's Go" right after that and it reminded me that we are only about two or three weeks from the forty-eighth anniversary of "the day the music died". It's going on fifty years since we lost Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, on the same night. It was Bobby Vee that reminded me. Most people have forgotten that it was he that filled in for Buddy Holly in Fargo when Buddy's plane didn't make it there. It seems to have been that night that jump-started Bobby's fairly brief career. I think it was February third, but my memory may play me false on this one.

         Once again on the subject of the ice. My Sis was working today. She went work before things got really bad, but coming home at 9pm was deadly dangerous. Her boss expects her to work tomorrow from 1pm to 9pm. There will be more snow, sleet, and rain tonight, and no appreciable amount of the snow can be expected to be cleared by Noon when she would have to leave for work. She fears she'll be fired if she doesn't go to work. I told her "good". If your boss is so unreasonable as to expect you to literally risk your life to make him money, you should not work for him.

         I'm not feeling up to freewriting tonight. Maybe in the wee hours.

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